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2015-05-28 23:13:44 (UTC)

5/28/15 Thursday

Got up at 11. Waited to drop them off since the flight was delayed. Daly city Quest to do glucose test. He text me again asking for watch and giving me 5000. So I decided just give him back the watch since he wants it so bad. Dad said 6000 but he only wants give 5000. Whatever. I believe he will pay me back more. DMV to change address, was told need renew my DL. Bestbuy. Stopped old navy. Cleaned his changes tray, found contact lenses. Remember he was going to see her that night. Got so pissed. Text him. Burger King cheeseburger is not as good as md. Ulta couldn't find anything hair bought rollers. Bestbuy to spend the $5. Target but forgot my wic badge. He is at the house picking up watch. He only gave 4000, I was pissed. He said he will give more. Let's see.

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