A lady in the crowd
2015-05-30 09:25:44 (UTC)

Mosquito Bites.

I try to ignore the irritability tracing down my arms and around my upper back. A swarm of mosquito's suck on my blood all at once. A loud buzz fills my ears. They continue biting again and again as the itching soon becomes unbearable. MUST SCRATCH! They don't stop no matter how many times I try to swat them away. Somehow they continue to multiply by the dozens. The numbness consumes me. My skin peels away in a snakelike manner that sheds. My skin reddens as a line of blood slowly oozes above my arm. This has to be some sort of crazy hallucination. Maybe a nightmare that's impossible to wake up from? It frightens me how my imagination is far to vivid compared to realism. This can't be happening. No this can be anything.
Anything except for reality.

~Yours Truly,
[3 A.M. Thoughts]