always wth love

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2015-05-28 10:24:12 (UTC)

HATE waiting... and those two words

Why now? am not ready to say those words
I just finished my last exam today for english today and id saw my professor for the last time. omg id checked my email and i got his sister ugh im scared now....well i hope i see him today its my last chance to say what i couldnt stop thing of for months now. am not okay just say goodbye cause i had feels that i never get to say....i feel sick inside and i think thats normal, i think gosh help me someone....

I still gotta waiting for my grades so Im still be posted.

I woke up very numb and not happy about anything really just so scared for my last chance of my last day here im standing long enough to just see him cause I need him, I need to speak that I cant ignore.
I woke up 4:25a today i honestly scared to wake up for some reason, i think id another panic attack w/o knowing oh shit