The Real Me
2015-05-28 14:02:37 (UTC)

Setting the asshole free.

your kidding me. I set this asshole free and he comes back.

So if he is coming back im going to be pretty fucking angry and if he doesnt then i will be sad and hurt.

I just want him to fucking fix up. Im so beyond irratated at is behaviour he needs to fix up. I will dump him if he doesnt.

Im seeing him today and i will hear him out which is his stupid sob story on my behaviour that occured 2 weeks ago. Get over it already? He ignored me for 2 weeks put me through mental hell make it clear he didnt care about me i mean cumon is he not happy with that? I apologised for a week straight.

So fine i will hear him out and then im going to just demand shit and if he doesnt meet them then im walking away.