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2015-05-28 01:23:56 (UTC)

Your True Jewels...

Therefore; Father, we give thanks for STRAYPOWER and for it's purpose with our service to you. We thank you to be dedicated in service for the benefit of your name. We bring thanks offering for you provide the fruit of the holy spirit to bring forth love, joy, peace gentleness, goodness, faith and all the fruit will inherit the healing for nations.

STRAYPOWER is your creation O Lord. Although we die to oneself we live again through your name Lord...The life we now live is through our faith in him...Father we thank you that STRAYPOWER is good ground, that he lives your devotional word as we are like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth fruit in it's season of humility. and we are able to prosper as we do prosper in our message of hope and loving kindness to you... Thank you, father...