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2015-05-27 18:33:32 (UTC)

Wow, if only I had someone to be angry at

6:33 PM

You know how my dog has been sick? The vet told us that my dog has renal failure. So that means she's gonna die. It's weird. She's only six years old. That's only half a life for a dog.

I don't know. It hasn't really hit me yet. I mean, he only just told me a few minutes ago and I'm kind of angry.

My dad is angry because he thinks she was poisoned by this recalled Beneful dog chow.

I'm angry because my childhood cat died from renal failure and it was horrible. April is going to be in a lot of pain.

Also angry because FUCK EVERYTHING. WOW. FUCK YOU ALL. Wow.

My dog is dying!!! Cool!!! What a perfect time in my life!!! This has been a great two months!!! Lots of death yay!!! Wow!!! Cool!!! Okay!!!

Okay. I'm okay. Actually, I'm probably not okay, but I'll be fine.

Why do pretty things die? :(