always wth love

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2015-05-27 09:19:07 (UTC)

I Don't want say goodbye to him again

I Don't want say goodbye to him again
(face to face in real time)
cant find it in my heart to tell those harsh words
Just because id said in a letter that id sent by an email doesnt make anymore better. It just brings tears and unfortunate comfortable months, to alive in the to be my future....I TOLD MYSELF dont wrap myself around him, but honestly I couldnt control myself. i just wish it never let my mind go through it but it did.
He's older than still in my age range but honestly it doesnt bother me. im going miss his smile and his eyes, he always had made my day and now its almost gone, really there's only one more day its damn tomorrow. than hes off into next 4 years into a new place to home. I wont know until tomorrow comes how i feel in morning when i wake up at 3-4am i might cry until theres nothing else left in my heart. i just dont have clue until midnight of today
I found out his birthday gosh hes makes so much better i cant describe it how bad im going miss him.
im going hang out wt Vivian on Friday so wont think about him.
hes graduation is at 6 where my friend graduated from back in 2012, i know where but honestly i dont want be stuck in the house on friday, im just cry my eyes out w/o realizing there mine.