A lady in the crowd
2015-05-27 03:47:57 (UTC)

Best of Both Worlds.

Six in the afternoon. The hour of glory for any athletic. The time where the sun sets within the mountain range. During today's workout I let out buckets of contained anger. Thoughts and hidden emotions submerged. Somewhere in between today's run my mind drifted onto questioning the things that I will eventually have to throw away, and what's really important in my blossoming life. A call for change revealed new priorities which show what truly matters.

I had my lucky cards well spread out. My left hand frozen in place as I planned to mark my ace. I know I've made a major mistake like this before, but this is the final round. My life can't afford another wrong move.
"What do I want; what's the right thing to do?"
Both answers leave me with two very different options. Two which are both a paradise in their own way. Unique wonderlands which I both seek to explore. I desire a taste them at the same time. But there is only enough space for one inside of my heart. One which I must wisely choose from. In this case it is awfully wrong to have the best of both Worlds.

~Yours Truly,