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2015-05-26 22:29:21 (UTC)

Hard work will overcome sadness

I was feeling so low since yesterday when I heard that my ex wife has been telling terrible lies about me to her friends. She told them I come home drunk still wearing a condom! She also says I come home drunk regularly and beat her! She told them she suffered violence from me for several years. I really struggle to understand why she would say such things. The person that told me heard from her close friends so she must have told them. What makes me sad is not what these people think of me (I don’t really care wht they think, what is important is what people that are close and matter to me think, and these people know the truth) but why she would deem it necessary to tell these malicious lies. She would not relent until she draws blood. She is driven by vendetta and it is so sad. She will sacrifice the children for her vendetta. If she loves the children she should have accepted the offer on the table during the last court case but she is prepared to spend thousands on legal fees to go for a final court date with no guarantee of what the judgement would be. She is like a wounded animal seeking revenge with its last strength. She pretends a lot to everybody and she is a pathological liar.
Her actions have motivated me. Without any funfair I am determined to focus my life, all I need is right in front of me. I just need to put in the hard work….