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2015-05-24 19:43:18 (UTC)

Drama Club: 2015.

Calexico High Schools first year of drama club has officially come to an end. Like every imperfect thing, it could've been better. It's the little details that count the most. After all, it molds the big picture of using imagination to pull off a creative and believable performance. Each and every one of us needs endless passion in order for us to grow as writers, directors, actors, even our adviser, Mr Alvarado.

Their will be times of distress, situations where we fuck up badly, moments where conflicts will become worse, in which we'll question whether investing such a large amount of time is worth it. Some will walk away, but to the ones who stayed put and opened up their minds to criticism have helped us improve. Those are the true fighters that have a spark of feeling, of having love for their work, to the ones with relentless passion and hunger!

2015's first generation of Drama club members traveled to Hollywood, California. Receiving a welcoming tour from Warner Brothers Studio, including a visit to Los Angeles's local farmers market, and a second tour of sightseeing Hollywood inside of a two story bus. Closing in the night included dining out at a Medieval times restaurant. There was an entertaining tournament.

"To future generations of 2016 CHS Drama club: The price of sacrifice and stress comes with a reward of success and achievement."

~Yours Truly,

Authors Note: Writing,"Shouting Voices Upon my Mind" was a safe job. During our first production I watched my actors suffer from a safe distance as they struggled to become bound with their characters. I evilly laughed as I mocked their stage fright. I gave advice which I soon had to follow myself,"You have to add feeling, speak louder, Oh and don't be nervous!" Reciting a poem titled,"Louie and Maria" appeared to be an impossible challenge for me. I'm only a writer, not an actor. But I had to find a way to believe that I am an actor. That I am Maria Armstrong. A wife of a soldier who has been recruited to the North Korean war.
I felt an overwhelming sensation of nerves. My partner in crime Sammy Villasenor and I were the opening act. I felt pressured do nothing less than a wonderful job. I messed up and forgot my lines while performing. Lots of thanks to Sammy Villasenor for having my back to improvise.