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2015-05-25 13:43:12 (UTC)

My Folks

1:43 PM

I should be doing homework, but I'd rather procrastinate.

I don't talk a lot about the people I know on here. I mentioned a few people, though. I'm going to do that list thing where I describe people who I may mention, just because why not? These are people whom I see/talk to pretty often. Either that, or we're related. If I don't mention you, that's because I'm keeping you private for now or it's because I know you read this diary and it's kind of weird to write a description of someone like that. Oh! Or I forgot. Let me know if you want to be on the list. I probably like you.

Mr. Sandwich


Caroline - My twenty one year old sister. She's always treated me like a person instead of an ignorant young 'un. She is going to a college about an hour and a half from where we grew up. She has been friends with Ethan for like four/five years. They dated for maybe a year. They broke up October 2013, and have remained friends. She has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, like me. Is very into photography and painting and other art things. She also loves science and creepy things.

Ethan - My twenty year old neighbor. He spends a lot of time in our house. His "parents" (his "mom" is his actual aunt) adopted him and his brother when he was younger because his real folks were not so good at the whole parents thing. His "parents" had two other kids, besides the adopted ones. A girl and a little boy. The girl died last year, when she was I think 17 years old?? She had cancer. It hit Ethan very hard. His "parents" hate him and are generally pretty abusive towards him. He is an asshole, but a lovable asshole. He has many enemies because he is very opinionated and is not very gentle with people.

Lily - This is my 16 yr old best friend. She has purple/blue hair and light blue eyes. Her natural hair color is a very light, dusty brown. She is about my height, like 5'4". She is very beautiful and perfect. She owns a baking business with my other friend, Laney. Lily likes video games, creepy stories, and a wide variety of music. We can talk for long amounts of time. Most of that conversation is absolute bullshit, but it's fun. Her house is like my second home. I've known her since I was six or seven years old. She was my first school friend.

Aaron - 16 year old friend. We've been friends since 2nd grade. I say "friend" but we don't really talk any more. She moved a half an hour away earlier this year. Her boyfriend goes to my school, and I refer to him sometimes. I call him Tray (that's a kind of fake name). Aaron has dark brown hair and blue eyes. She likes music, like BMTH, Arctic Monkeys, 21 Pilots, stuff like that. We usually talk abut track, since she's on the team.

Laney - 16 years old. I've known Laney since I was a little kid, but we only became friends in 7th grade art class. She owns a baking business with Lily. She has type one diabetes. Her hair is long, reddish blonde, and she has blue eyes with yellow around the pupils. Her eyelashes are like spider legs and I fucking love them. She loves soccer. She's always playing soccer and talking about soccer with Mr. Sandwich. We do Olympics of the Visual Arts together. Laney is a sweet girl, but also kind of an asshole. Haha, she is a sarcastic smartass, but I love it.

Adrian - I think he's 16??? This is my school friend who I sometimes worry I have a crush on?? He looks kind of old for a 10th grader. He has bright red hair, and it's really fluffy. He also has a beard and mustache. I don't mean a pre-pubescent beard either, I mean a full fucking face of hair. It works very well for him. He seems to get injured a lot. I like his stories. I like hearing him talk. He's very, very nice. I can tell that he worries a lot about other people, too. Good sense of humor and he actually reminds me a lot of myself at times. A better version of myself, though. He is the kind of person I would've told Elise about. Oh, and he has blue-ish, green-ish eyes. If they're green, they're mint green but?? I can't remember clearly. Oh, he's also genius material and I suspect he has ADHD.

Alexis - This is my friend, 16 years old. She has light brown (not blonde) hair and blue eyes. I FUCKING LOVE HER, whenever we talk, we laugh so much. And also, I love how kind she is. She is just so... so nice to people. So understanding. More than I am. I admire that kind of patience. Alexis is such a special person, I can't really describe it. She has amazing ideas to help the world and is very down to Earth, very relatable. Awww. Affection.
I think Alexis is moving next year which really sucks. I want her to date this really pretty girl in our school. I'ma call her Asia? Asia is adorable and they would make the cutest fucking couple.

Olivia - She is 14 years old, a freshman in my school. She has short, dark, curly hair. By short, I mean it's a pixie cut, basically. She wears glasses, has dark brown eyes. We're kinda friends?? Kinda not??? When we first met, I really liked her. I guess that love has lessened a bit, though. She's open in a way that I am not. She likes to talk about her depression and likes showing how insecure she is in relationships. I?? Don't??? I don't know. It's definitely the past that has damaged me, but I don't love talking about emotions unless they're positive. I actually wouldn't mind listening to her, but she is very self pitying. She doesn't seem to want to help herself and even though the answers are right in front of her, she can't see them. It's very frustrating. Also, there is this whole rivalry she has with her cousin (her cousin is OK. she kind of annoys me, but is also really nice and so I can't just discard her yet). tHEY ARE BOTH SO STUPID WHEN IT COMES TO THIS WHOLE FAMILY ISSUE.

Daxton - This is my cousin. He's 16 years old. Actually, right now, he's 15. He doesn't turn 16 until next month. We're very close in age, haha. I don't get to see him very often. The last two times we met went like this: I saw him. He was still obsessed with superheroes and video games. He was the same, annoying Daxton that I remember. A few years later, we met again and he was totally different. He barely said things and was very mellow. We stayed up late by campfires talking about whatever. He was really nice to me sometimes, but was always lowkey about it. Like he said, "Well, make sure you date a nice guy. I don't want you getting hurt," and, "You're so thin? How do you think you're fat?" I'm always caught off guard when he says nice things. He's not mean, it's just unexpected. I worry about him because he has told me about how he sees things. I mean... He actually hallucinates. He does drugs. He's also Wiccan. He has brown hair and I think his eyes are blue. Those late night conversations always made my day, though. He's my favorite cousin.

Stephanie - my neighbor. She is 21 years old. I've known her my entire life. She even changed my diapers. She was always hanging around our house. We used to joke that she was the whitest black girl alive, because she (and a couple other of her siblings) were adopted by a very white family. She goes to church faithfully, is a huge fan of children, is going to school to become a social worker, and has the most proper grammar I have heard on a human being. She buys me things and teaches me how to drive. I love her. She is like a sister to me and Caroline.

Elise - For those who don't know, Elise was my (long distance?) friend who died. I talk about her a lot, more than I did before it happened, which is kind of shitty. I guess I'm trying to make up for lost time. Anyway, we were very similar people. I loved talking to her. She always made my day. Her outlook on life inspires me, constantly. She had blondish, reddish hair. Blue eyes. Skin that was many pastel colors, like the sky. Long, elegant fingers (we had a conversation about this haha). She was beautiful. Whenever I meet someone I really like, I think about her. And also, I used to tell her about people I think she would like and would send her links to beautiful dresses. I thought about her more than I talked about her. I remember that, about a week before I found out she was dead, I was staring out the window and thinking about her. I was looking at the sky. It was very pretty. I told myself that I would describe it to her when I got home. I never did. She liked mythology (Greek, Nordic, maybe some other kinds, too), books (classics. she read some of my favorites, like Slaughterhouse-Five and Catcher In The Rye), movies, and learning. She was always learning something, whenever I talked to her. I'm envious of her motivation, haha. I need that.

Mr. Sandwich - My favorite teacher. No one knows his age. He has two kids (one is 12 yrs old) and is balding, but he looks ageless? hHe could be thirty one or fifty six. He kinda resembles the youtuber Wheezy Waiter, only his hair is blondish gray. He has blue eyes and glasses. Mr. Sandwich teaches ceramics and is an absolute asshole. It's very lovable. He is a lot like Ethan. That's another thing. He knows Ethan and Caroline very well. They hang out and stuff too. He is so strange, haha. His favorite author is Charles Bukowski and his favorite band is Modest Mouse (my favorite band, too). Before Elise died, I told her about him. She would've liked him a lot, haha. She liked Bukowski and Modest Mouse and cynical people. That's Mr. Sandwich in a nutshell. I can't even begin to describe him??? He's very good.

J - why is J on this list? We barely talk? Haha, he is a 16 year old kid who used to be my friend. We walk home together sometimes, but not often. He's cynical and intelligent. An interesting guy. Light brown hair, light blue eyes with yellow parts around the pupil. I secretly want him to date Laney, but I don't know if that will ever happen.

Sam - she is 16, my friend, an asshole. Auburn hair and I don't know her eye color. Not even the charming kind of mean, either. She's just really rude. I somehow still like her. I hate when she's mean, though.

depressed-hispanic-kid - he's not my friend, he dates Myra, a longtime acquaintance and also the best student in our grade. He's kinda nice and interesting, but he puts me on edge. For some reason, I really don't trust him. It's not like he gives off a creep vibe or anything. It's not like I expect him to do something bad. He just makes me uncomfortable.

Music - he's that dude in Peer Leadership. Really fucking cynical but really entertaining. Calls me Victoria to bother me. I like him.

Most of my friendships are with girls, and I think that's because with boys, either one of us does something weird, they don't approach me, or they mistake my niceness for flirting. I don't really trust boys. Don't know why.