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2015-05-23 12:31:41 (UTC)

2013 and 2014 favorites

2013 favorites
Kerestase shampoo, conditioner, heat, dry. Tressemme cashmere oil. Coconut oil. China chanel 发箍,皮筋
Arden capsules. Latisse.

Eos shaving cream. Ouchless shaving cream. Stick razor. VS shower gel, shimmer lotion. Olay shower. 强生 shower lotion, lotion. Kiels working hand. Bbw blue. Body shop scrub. Olay shower lotion. 百雀羚。 Peter lotion: the smell, moisturizing. Vs sweet surrender.
Dior powder. Maybelline highlighter. NYX lip gloss. Physicians formula brow pencil. Almay eyeliner.
Essie Russian. Set in stone.
JC pink jewelry crossbody. JC blue crossbody. Coach boots.
Japanese curry sauce. 宁记辣椒大王。Pepperidge farm. Lucky charms. Starbucks green tea latte, white chocolate mocha. Teddy bear crackers. 奶茶包。牛油糖。香蕉牛奶。皇冠。China restaurants.
Bbw passion flower candle
Groupon mac air case. Samsung S4. Pink rabbit case. Samsung bling case.
HK humidifier.

2014 January favorites:
Patene keratin.
Face Q hand mask. Eucerin body cream. Olay shimmer. Kevin concealer.
Ugg red sequin boots.
Mac air

2014 Feb
Barbie listerine.
Beauty diary mask
Cartier Love diamond ring. Tiffany's Love ring.
椰丝奶油面包。徐福记酥糖。锅巴。Kitkat chocolate waffle bar. 南乳花生。

2014 March favorites: Rebecca minkoff mini mac, affair.

2014 April favorites:
F21 Minnie sweatshirt.
Thai tea bag.

2014 May favorites: bbw plug, candle. pink comb. Pink lipstick. All TB flip flop. Nicki dress. F21 dress. Bbw stress relief scrub. Boots foam cleanser.

2014 June favorites: Netflix. Blueberry cookie. Veggie chips.