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me and my life
2015-05-24 16:34:04 (UTC)


from thursday onwards m on roaming mode lol in the sense roaming here n der. had been to aunty's place den stay at sis's place then on sat day out with frenz and today out at ccd.
i realise that my outflow of money is decreasing :( wen i dont have money. i mean like really des days shams has pissed off me completly, she is favouring her frenz so me over me that she very nicly remember to give money of her frenz who paid our expenses but doeant remebr my money to return wic i paid for dem wtf.
shams has called her frend for stay acc to her she is supa nice gal i donno wat she found nice in her, i dint find anythg extra in her ya she is nice but not that extra nice that she called her over. she invited me priyesh for pav bhaji lunch i had not gone as i had no potty but afta havg luch at my home i visited her with family pack choco ice cream, her fren has come to her home for stay n she ask us also to pay for her y the hell baba she is not my frend that i will pay for her but i just kept quite n paid . it burns me from inside wen i have to shell out unnecessarily on others that too n its evrytimes i donno y does she do that. so evn i adjust my money den. tu tera n me mera is her concept. wic is good but not alwas it looks good some ppl get strANGE ON HER. i belive her screw is dhila.. really.
i am so pissed off on her that i dont wanna talk to her for a awhile. she also refer me to her frenz as if m vry agressive, i donno knw y she give such impression on dem. she said today that ppl in our offc r chalu types, chipku types n lil wierd n ppl like her (me) is good to shut dem or i donno wat d fuck she ment. i was like wtf is she talking i evn asked her but she started laughing like stupid. actually i felt bad.
i beliv i shud hav given her hearing den i observed myself.

tom i am goin out for lunch with siddesh my school friend.
i am really feeling emo now i am missing sujju lot.
y r all so like with me y is my life so???
i miss u babes it feels so bad dat u dint ry evn once to talk to me and makeup things so bad u r how can u be so bad to me. mayb i am bad so all thgs r bad with me.
i remember u evrytime werever i go, wateva i do, i feel like sharing things with u. i loved u so much so many dreams i saw for us.
i hope u r fine. :(