A lady in the crowd
2015-05-23 22:51:10 (UTC)


Did you know of the horror of she who falls asleep? The moment our eyes close, the ground gives away, and the hallucinations begin. I felt joyous at the thought of my nightmares gone. That maybe, just maybe being decapitated with an axe was buried away into the depths of the past. I would never have to foreshadow my own death again.

My body is willing to do anything to avoid the inevitable. I wouldn't sleep until the sun rises. Until the darkness disappears and the light
binds me. Far away from my demons in a safe place where nothing awaits to kill me. Someplace where I dream of nothing.

Within my dreams of the dark woods, exist a dysfunctional light bulb that flashes on for a while then burns out in a matter of seconds.
The nightmares leave for a few weeks, or even months at a time, but never reaching a time frame of more than a year. It's been this way since I was four. Leaving my eyes with deepened bags carved under my eyes, and a distressed neck. Nothing that coffee can't cure, or a visit from my healer won't fix.
The exhaustion slowly piles up, but I mustn't close my eyes. I can't fall asleep. I won't fall asleep. "I can't I can't I ca-."

~Yours Truly,