A lady in the crowd
2015-05-20 06:32:15 (UTC)

Finishing Strong.

I arrived home from a long day at work and an abusive session at the gym. Sweat glistened above my forehead. down to my lower back. The radio loudly blasted one of my favorite indie rock songs called "Tongue tied, "by Group love. Despite having a rough day I decided to dance in my living room. It's impossible to ignore the rooms vibrant energy.

I reflected on the one thing that lightened up a typical Wednesday. I speed walked within the hallways to my sixth period. Suddenly someone pokes my shoulder. I turned around and see Jessica Chavez waving at me. My heart beat out of my chest as I recalled the rush of adrenaline from running along her side on Track and Field.

Her older sister accused her father of rape. Which led to the arrest of single parent Mr. Chavez. Our top cross country runner has been living in a foster home for the last two weeks. The spotlight shined publicity on her family by being posted on Imperial Valley Press.

Jessica comes off as a natural beauty with optimistic confidence. Nothing brings her down. We assume that she comes from a stabilized caring family. Wrong everything is always too good to be true. Nothing can tear her down; she's a fighter. Who finishes each race in victory. It doesn't matter what sort of adversity comes her way. What's important is finishing strong. Seeing her give me a beautiful smile is true inspiration.

~Yours Truly,