always wth love

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2015-05-19 10:02:11 (UTC)

makin a choice was is it good?- Bad Blood

dear dairy, i just want say what i fuckin feelin id the choice to sneak into his email but i didnt...i knew it would haunt me without relaizin it ... i had it my hands i honestly did i wouldve find what was going on but i didnt....

the sub we had for my math class was very odd but okay.. he knew how to explain it so i understood some good i think? anyway i was super late cause my damn bus but i didnt mind it cause i was venting so it took the pressure off a bit.... (mickey and me)

however late night was very strange i didnt feel safe inside i honestly didnt feel it anything...a deep desire to cut my skin...again

OH SHIT SHIT!!!! he damn well read it,omg im hella nervous cant fuckin breathe:/

Bad Blood T.S
love this damn song