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2015-05-19 16:44:04 (UTC)

hadh hogai

Kal hadh kardi mene.
I reached upto lower parel but did not turn up to intrew as i found it vry far n i dint wanted to spend much money. Coz i thot wen i am not going to travel dis much den y to giv intrew?? I do not regret on my decision it was tiring. Well disappointg thgs is dat i did not get any call for intrw:-( n i am bit worried abt my FnF its on 30th. Today i dropped remindr sms to sir but he did not reply vry much woried i need dat money vry badly, also doc n also new job. Each day is tochure for me i go thru mental tension but ill b patient untill i get job of my desire.

Today had gone to mandir wit mom to thank god for blessing sis n givg her wat she wantd. I hope n pray he wellbeing n good happy life amen.
I am actually mentally relaxed dat she is happy n her life is stable now.
I have only 1400 left wit me in wic i hav to go to koyla its so expensive but i want to go der. Anyways i haw done some savg will spend wit stingy hand wen necessary. Mom's bday is also nearing n i have nothg to give her its evry years drama
God help me
Love u mom n sis
God bless u bith alwas n me too :p