A lady in the crowd
2015-05-15 22:34:33 (UTC)

A Savage Mind.

Like everyone else Miss Chavez appears to be an ordinary teenager, but everything isn't always as it seems. She's a short fifteen year old with large expressive brown eyes that speak whenever she's silent. Her tan skin camouflages her cuts decorating her chubby shoulders. Chavez has full lips descended from Mexican inheritance.

Some days it's easy to eat. On thunderous days of darkness it's not so simple to swallow down a plate of Chinese food. Her mind plays tricks on her. Voices in her head whisper, "Run along he's coming closer. Leave before it's too late." The World spins in circles and her puzzled eyes widen. She trapped within a trance and it becomes impossible to escape.. She attempts to pick up her feet up and fails. Questioning whether one day she won't be able to come back into reality. Or will her imagination grow out of this crazy phase? The voices enjoy playing with trickery. Lying to ruin everything that she is.

"Sometimes they want you to kill the ones you love. From your dog, friends and family. Commanding you to murder them. To hate them. To blame them for being this way, and then to kill anyone who crosses your way. To transform into a savage, a monster on a loose chain." Something inhumane that's trapped within a body of a beautiful woman with dim eyes and a cold smile.

~Yours Truly,