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2015-05-11 00:39:31 (UTC)

5/10/15 Sunday

I was still in bed playing on my phone. He got up and went upstairs. Then he came down. I ignored him. He went crazy and said all kinds of things again. 把话都说绝了。if he thinks I'm so bad and he I ax regreting so much and missing his ex. I'll give his life back. Decided to move out asap. Go tv mad when he was talking to my dad. Yelled at dad. Fight in front of him again. Asked dad to cook. Staying downstairs. Went up to eat but didn't talk to him. 我也死心了。就让他去找好的吧。我就自己烂。stayed down here browsing online. Life goes on. Don't get so upset over him. I should believe that good things will happen. I will have a good life.

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