A lady in the crowd
2015-05-15 06:28:32 (UTC)

Track And Field Finals.

We're off to the races at South West. The season ended with sound of a firing gunshot at Imperial Valley Leagues finals. The clock struck 8:45 PM, the wind brought an exhilarating trace of goose bumps down my legs.

"800 Meter ladies take your mark. Ready, set, GO!"

Excitement filled my veins as I beat, Jessica Chavez, our best distance runner. My coach embraced me as he congratulated me. They cheerfully smiled as they called me their inspiration. Coach Rojas, my friends, and family, all proud except for me. I didn't beat my personal goal. Sure it was only four seconds, but that amount of time mattered. I broke my own word. Loosing my dignity because I lied to myself when I made it in 2:42 instead of 2:39.
Disappointment will be remembered.

For today I'm thankful for completing this track season without an injury or a heat stroke. Destiny please allow Cross Country and I to reunite!

~Yours Truly,