Secrets over all
2015-05-15 00:19:09 (UTC)

No light,no tunnel !

Its my first time login in here and writing,i dont know if its worth it or not but at least i might get to share my secrets and still be secrets
How weird is this sharing my biggest secret and my "curse" to people i dont even know.

Well hello everyone who is reading (or no body at all).
Iam a 20 year old guy who has not been at his best for 3 years now.
My story is pretty clear and not confusing at all .
# years keeping a huge secret will effect anyone but iam still strong ,iam still the funny one .the fast one , the player.
Iam just sick and tired being loved and adored for something iam not or at least i don't want to be . Its getting pretty hard to know now days i have been acting for 3 years now i just thing this is the real me .

Well soon i will be telling my story and my secrets and sharing for my life .

I hope i might get to talk to people here and share opinions over stuff

Well good night and talk soon.

First page up to end .

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