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me and my life
2015-05-14 17:43:12 (UTC)

come back

I tired hard not to write in but, couldn't help life has changed alot and also feels like history is repeating. erghhh
lemme update u on each part of my life

Office: Co went into financial crisis and i was asked to leave i mean cmon yaar y it has to happen with me. damn!! n over that my 2 months sal is pending from their side plus my documents as he promised lets see if he stand on his words and does my fnf on 30th may waitingg..
n now also tension of hunting for new job pheww this is really disturbing part holding patience and hunting job. god knows wen?? will?? i get job???

Love: Love??? lolzzz bog lol coz evrything is finished thier is no love life :) i miss him thou :) m sad n at same time happy abt it
sad for not neing with him n happy for also not being with wrong person n i have that will power n guts to make good decisions for my self
sujju was total loser L for loooseeerrr. all bad qualities i him he is fucking terribly biggest lier i ever ever met in my life, he is show off not real fake person, he is coward, loser, lukkha n fake lover. i really feel good that he is no more in my life n he neva tried to stay in my life or make things better all he was withhis cheap thinkg, misunderstanding n daily fights OMG i realised i had bcom so aggresive n negative person in his company. i saved my life really. but he was my first love evry single day, single moment i miss him his touch , voice, eyes, kisses evry damn thing mom asked me to delete his pics but i staill haven't ill do it but with passing time . he spoke ill abt mom also n at the end also he mistook me n mom i really pity o him for being such a bad boy.
babes i really loved u but u axed ur own foot by urself by losing me. coz u r not deserving for me, ur std, thinkg, behavr has diffrence u r more on negative where as m on positive part. love u for showing n making me feeling love n fuck u for rest things.
there not even one thing i can count good in u. pity u bloody lier.

Not to mention abt my dad as he can not change himself in his atleast this life. bloody ass he is. so apart from him all fine. my sis is settled now n m really vry much happy abt it n relaxed so is mom.
mom started aging she is my angel somtime irritates me but she is my soul.

baki life : chalti ka naam gadi