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2015-05-14 07:45:54 (UTC)

the world, me and a rant

Alot to say .....along rant
I'm so not close to be ready for exam 4 in math just to damn hard honestly, well i already hear from the profssor that id email last semester so im pretty happy about that. so now im trying my best not be strssed out!!! rigt now i have a load of crap that i gotta get now cause theres only 2 weeks left thann poof its gone.....
I woke up feel like whats the point of damn dreams if they dont come true, i honestly think now its damn waste to begin with we make a huge plan about what we want in life aint not going damn happen for crying out.....
So not happy about thats just me, I'm my own person speak my mind instead of being judge by it.

Yesterday evening I was watching one of my shows on DVR it was very mysteries and amazing it was a blast to watch.

My faviortie author John Green did awsome job on writing Papertowns and now including hes making it into a movie, wow I honestly hope hes decidess to do it again for Looking For Alaska. I honestly obssessed with that book. I want reread that three more times if I had it.

Friends should tell you wants going even though there busy
but they damn dont unless you find em' then there suprised as hell, you get all damn paraniod and shit like your damn problem.
So what do you say to another friend you explain your problem to that friend that you been trying get a hold of they completely fuckin blow up on you. So you ingored them for a couple days until your ready to feel better and kinda dont want bring up anything up again about that friend.

The only one that I totally feel close with is Jen and I never felt sdomewhat normal as it can well get.

Finals Begin next week......>.< so wish someone could take them for me so I dont have do it. (hahaha)
Presentations Monday and Tuesday ugh!!!