The Real Me
2015-05-13 18:35:41 (UTC)

The Stuff I never talk about.

I dont write so often in here because Im lazy and I only ever want to complain.

So Dr M and my doubts that i wrote about 2 posts ago...well..turns out i may just be paranoid. I mean I still have a feeling but its not so strong anymore and maybe its because ive taken mental time out from him. Ive checked out of him. So ive just been focusing on other things, im still "with him" and talk to him but havnt seen him in a while because he is busy.

I dont really talk about the good stuff...there is alot of good stuff in my life like...I have decent friends who ive known for years now and in contact with them often.

Ive made some decent contacts, I still live in the ghetto but it doesnt define me i actually am climbing the ladder and gotten myself out. For example i live in that area but i dont hang around there...i work in the rick areas of London. I have a pretty decent job did i mention ive only been in this job for a few months and they booked me to go to the carribean and miami for 3 weeks!!!! All expenses paid by company its for "work" im going with my boss and theyve hired out the marriot...he basically bought a cricket team because he is a millionaire so we are going to watch the caribbean premier league in all VIP and i get to meet all the cricket celebs. Also im not the best at my job but my boss is actually reluctant to let me go. I mean im not good with basic shit like posting, turning up on time to work lazy i only apply myself to challenges and difficult tasks but despite this...hes sort of taken me under his wing (in a good way not in a trying to harass me way)- i would know the difference because well been there done that. Since November 2014 till june 2015 i will have been to 4 different countries which is not bad for a 24 year old who came from the ghetto and absolute shit.

I didnt completely screw up my life, i dont have any other responsiblities like kids or worrying about mother bless her heart tries her best to pay it with benefits is very very cheap for me because i live with her and she lives off the state.Im not proud of that but hey im trying here, i got myself out right, got a degree im in a job im trying to pull my own weight and hers.

I have a BF who sounds perfect on paper. He's a friggin liver specialist so deals with patients, completing his PHD, he also teaches medicine, does intensive research for curing liver diseases etc, has won several fellowships and awards for his excellence, he will be on TV for some doctor show thats releasing soon, works for the BBC on the side and created a product so his own mini business and wrote a medical book for people to pass their medical degree which he gets money off now. Oh and he has 2 houses now...but aparantly all of that makes him broke. The problem is this, he is a little too good to be true, hence finding out his age didnt shock me, i just hope he doesnt have a secret family...but i doubt it...but there is something there..i guess i will find out.

So there you have it...the good sides to my life.