always wth love

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2015-05-11 08:45:54 (UTC)

no classs & shes m.i.a vivian or is it me

Walking in late again today was no class(cancel) today
im okay but honestly am not happy cause no connection to the web..... well i went back on fb only find my only friend that i loose almost so made it than i will delete after hearing from hear...i just really need her, im so clingy right now and im not shamed of it.
over the weekend rachele texted me i just stopped my trackls and ingored her, sorry but icant let her...she doesnt understand we met i was 17 during the summer fallen in love with her than i confessed my love towards that cut me deep we stop talking for months than regain her back took a while to have in myself once her back in my life...its three weeks since we spoke am totally scared.... its like she had gone M.I.A and i cant breathe wthout her .....
being 21 theres a huge damn shifted
it really truth....
telll guys more soon enough