A lady in the crowd
2015-05-11 13:36:03 (UTC)

Untold Secrets.

Untold Secrets.

He's a clumsy boy
Dwelling for gold
Searching for
A Mona Lisa smile .

He'll be a clown
Whenever you frown
He'll stick around
With open arms and a
Listeners ear.

Despite a consistent war
He enlightens my darkened evenings
While fighting his own battle
He doesn't nag nor complain.

He'll care to the point
Where he's left out
Abandoned in sudden numb
'Pure rotten sorrow!'

A patient friend
Whom holds it all in
He's suffering in agony
Continuously refusing to budge.

He shares a discreet crooked smile
The public eye swoons captivated
over his dimples, his dreamy eyes
Hide untold secrets
His heartbeat slowly dies on the inside.

Authors Note: Dedicated to a close friend M.P.E Things have reached the point where the only passion which makes him happy fails. Sadness comes sudden and for no reason. Leaving him in confusion because there's no reason for feeling miserable. M.P.E.'s spirit is a drained out light bulb randomly flashing on and off. His hyperactive character hides an untold secret of depression.

~Yours Truly,