A lady in the crowd
2015-05-09 23:34:56 (UTC)

"No Place Like Home."

I patiently waited as I tapped my pen in an up and down rhythm. My eyes
ticked as my senses began to fail. My body stayed still yet my mind dozed off in wonder. Thursday will be cramped up with an AP World History exam, then Imperial Valley League's varsity race at South West High school. It's the finishing race that closes Track season; deciding who will win 2015's championship. Then the weekend will revolve around
drama club performances. How time consuming; well I'll do anything to keep some distance away from home.

People question why a student stays in school until the campus gates shut, why the minority like stay inside a corner of the library until closing time. Will committed athletic really practice until dark just for the hell of it? Why do they like to be workaholics? Maybe they don't want to go home. Either to avoid a control freak of a wife who enjoys nagging her head off, or troubling children with never ending problems, like a teenage son with a suicidal mindset, or simply to avoid being alone.

I myself like to arrive home no earlier than 8pm. My family has grown accustomed to my habits. My grandmother doesn't know
the real reason why I like to keep myself in a busy schedule where I hardly find time to catch my breath at the end of each day.

We've earned a privilege of living in a beautiful two story home with cinnamon scented candles. We have everything to pursue happiness, yet I take this in as a temporary house. From the bed I sleep on, to the freshly cooked meals, and to the newly painted white walls. Grandma has no need to raise me, nor have me living under her ceiling. I appreciate her noble heart but we both know she may kick me out whenever she pleases. I don't take this roof above my head for granted because anything is possible, including the worst. Her love may run low, die out, and soon turn into hatred. This place is only considered home because it is the only place which has accepted me with open arms, up to now it's the only destination I've come to know. Soon I'll leave Calexico, and after exploring I'll selfishly debate whether I will ever
come back.

~Yours Truly,