Story of a Girl
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2015-05-09 14:33:35 (UTC)

Thank you!

Growing up, I'd often buy many of those girly journals/diaries with the little keys & the heart keychains that opened up the lock attached to the diary. Those were the super cheap ones from stores like the 99cent store, or whatever. I had hundreds of those journals/diaries, but I always either lost the key or used them to doodle on the pages. My mom never saw purpose to keeping those diaries/journals, so she'd usually just donate them to Goodwill or some toy charity.

Before going into 6th grade, I thought about keeping a diary of some sort... I'm not sure why I had this thought, but I thought it'd be cliché if I had a diary of my own in middle school, so I never bothered buying any more.

It wasn't until freshman year that something in my mind told me, "Wouldn't it be cool to write down things? Just so that you can look back at the past?" Naturally, I just googled "online diary." An online diary was something I didn't realize I needed. If I had actually written my thoughts down onto paper... Holy hell. My whole family would've shunned me or something. They're all super nosey & because they don't trust me, they're more than likely to dig through all my papers & read everything that I've ever written. An online diary seemed like a great alternative, & I would be the only one to know about it... That ultimately failed, but my friends aren't the type to go looking through my things. Like, just yesterday during class, Renett saw me typing something up on my phone.

Renett: Whatchaaaaa doin'?

Me: *typing* Nothing.

Renett: Typing up a diary entry?

Me: Nah, I'm just writing. I'm not posting anything.

Renett: Ah, cool. I'm just gonna ~doodle~ then.

Renett was the first to come across my online diary, but she didn't really care; she kept a diary too, so all was good. Elías was the second to find out, but he also didn't care. He thought it'd be healthy for me to write down my thoughts.

Anyway, back to the whole point of this entry.

After googling "online diary," I came across this website. Actually, it was the first link to pop up. Creating an account was free & the site looked simple enough to use, so I signed up. At the time, I was having an ugly fight with my mom, so my first post was this really weird, typical teenage rant about me hating my mom, blah blah, hear my entire life story, yada yada. I still feel that way about my mom, but I laugh at myself for being so mad.

I didn't really post much back when I first signed up. All I ever posted about was being angry at my mom, moving to Texas, & this one post about me being nervous for Competition. I also made many smaller posts about being angry at friends, but I'm not entirely sure why I took them down; I think it was because I was afraid to go over 14 entries. Most of my posts were about a week apart, so I guess I "rarely" posted anything. It wasn't until around December where my posts became more frequent & in January of this year, my posts were almost daily. I think the reason I started posting more was because I actually started getting comfortable with the idea of having a diary. I felt comfortable with writing & posting... I also realized that I could post more than just angry entries about hating my parents & myself. Like, I could actually write about my day, or writing an entire entry about praising a friend. I could write about all of that because it was MY diary. My thoughts, my feelings, all about me.

And... I realized that there are so many interesting people on this website. There are hundreds of people using this site, each with their own, unique stories. THINK ABOUT IT: These are people you've probably never (and never will) met before, & they're allowing you to see a part of their story. You, as the reader, ARE a part of their story. You may not play an active role in their story, but you get to see their lives from a different perspective other than their own. You get to watch them develop & grow, and watch them bettering themselves! Isn't that just fucking awesome?

So... The whole point of this entry is that I want to say, "Thank you."

Thank you, to the creator of this website. Without THIS website, I don't think I would've gotten to know about others. Without this website, there would be hundreds or thousands of stories that I didn't know existed. And as much as I'd like to donate for the improvement of this website, I have no way to donate. But you know, you've done a great job & I really hope to continue seeing this site improve!

Thank you, to the users of this website. When I first signed up, I didn't think anyone would care to actually read my entries and take their TIME to actually give me feedback. I remember receiving my first feedback, & I haven't deleted it. I remember being so happy to see that someone actually bothered to CLICK on my entry. And for the few months that I've been here, I've only ever received positive messages/feedback. The members of this community are SO nice! For example, Santo, who had offered to make me a blog at no cost. (Thank you, again!) Di, who I actually enjoyed talking to, even if I took AGES to reply. Then there were those from the old feedback system... I don't think it'd be right to list out their emails because diary names weren't listed with their feedback messages, but a HUGE thank you to all of you! I honestly don't think I've met a nicer community than this one. Everyone here seems to care for one another & it's one of the main reasons why I enjoy this site so much. Like I mentioned before, everyone here has a different story & I love that about this site--we get to share those stories.

And, a BIG thank you to my first follower! I didn't realize you could actually follow people on this site until November-ish. I posted an entry where I introduced myself to my then-followers, but I decided it'd be better to delete it. "NAAAAAHHH, they don't need an introductory! They can already see how much of a bad person I am through my posts." A thank you, to those who actually care enough to follow me on my journey of developing into a better person! I'm not sure why any of you are following me, but you guys should say hello sometime! I'm not that weird in a conversation, I promise. (Pssst, first follower. If you're actually still following, you should say hello! :D) I also want to apologize for all those stupid little embarrassing rants that I posted when I first signed up... I feel stupid for the way I handled them, but those feelings are still inside me.

So, yeah... Thank you to everyone for being a part of my story, and for having me be a part of yours!

I'm so glad I registered on this website. It's just one of those sites where you can come back to years later, & it'll be just as it was before ever having left it, except with new stories & experiences.

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