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2015-05-01 16:33:44 (UTC)

5/1/15 Friday

He didn't get up, i was lazy to get him up too so missed doctor appt again. Gave him a bj. Planned the day. I was laying on bed ready to leave the house soon. I mentioned taking me out to dinner on mothers day. He immediately said I still owe him gift. I said u owe me phone money, then added even younger buy me a new one right after. He got mad again. Saying things like I'm a whore, gold digger, not even 5% of his ex, regreting meeting me, come inside of me, not letting me get an abortion, only be with me for the baby, will never marry me, etc. No one ever talked to me like that. Just because he is rich, he can treat me like this? Fuck this! I'll 受气 for the rest of my life! Put packed things in car, waiting in car. But he is not leaving. Guess I'll go in and wait then. He came out after a while. Left. Washed car. I wasn't really talking to him. Washed car. Kohl's but no maternity clothes and he didn't know his suit size. Sizzler. 气氛不对劲。home. He wanted to go see a movie. Daly city. I was tired. Asked me who I invite to red egg. 又生口角。I said I don't even want tell ppl or celebrate. We r just baby mom and dad. Shower.