A lady in the crowd
2015-05-06 00:21:01 (UTC)


Now that you're gone
The skies no longer glisten
I might pretend your absence
Is a bittersweet delight.

As time ticks quickly
I lie to myself
Whimpering, "Everything is fine,"
I no longer care whatsoever.

Keep yourself together man
Head up high,
Swing life away
She's gone now,
you're safe now.

He overlooks haunting memories
Frozen in an untouchable
Mesmerizing time
Where happiness once existed.

The sun shun brightly
Vows and promises
'Together 'Together
Mother and son stand.

Surely liquor and cheap whiskey exchange attitude adjustments
True colors placed on display
Contrasting characteristics
A public sincere smile beneath hidden evil.

"Piece of shit
I'll hit you with my good right hand
Come here little son of a bitch
I'll kill ya!."

"Forgive me my precious
I've changed for the better
(For the worst)
"I will always lie to you sweetly," she whispered.

This woman passed out
face down
On the kitchen floor
This isn't my mother.

My mommy loves me she'll protect me
Momma gently
sang me sweet lullabies
Until I fell into deep sleep.

This bittersweet
dead hag standing
below my feet isn't my mother at all
She is a stranger to me.


Authors Note: This poem is based off a young man called Hector R. What he remembers of his alcoholic and drug addict mother is little. She succumbed from alcohol poisoning when he was six. Ever since then he's lived in a foster home. Hector looks forward to turning eighteen. He says,"I'll finally be able to search for my real home."

~Yours Truly,