The Real Me
2015-05-05 13:29:29 (UTC)

Dr M Updates

Since my "blow up" Dr M seems to have been fixing up, I dont want to speak too soon, but he cooked me dinner, bought me flowers, bought me a gift from vienna, volunteered to help me drive, invited me to go over and see his parents. Invited me over to his tonight where he will cook dinner for me.

I know i went from breaking up from him...which I did, i told him i couldnt do it anymore, I told him everything i thought and felt in this diary about him. About him not being there about him not even looking at me, about me not being able to go on with him and he asked me to give him two weeks, two weeks of which he will show me he does care, that he does like me, that he has just been extremely busy and knows he has been neglecting me.