bellas diary
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2015-05-04 06:00:09 (UTC)

ppuppies hate

I don't get it we have a mini schnauzer but it hates me so I asked for a puppy and now we can't find one and my mom keeps saying lets get this breed and then no I don't like them so were back to the beginning she wants to get one but I want the puppy for me but I hate knowing that when I get it my family is gonna love it to death that they will have I so much that when I finely get it back I will hate me or be annoyed to death and I can't stop them because every one treats me lil shit in my family like my dad I disabled and is always home so the puppy will want to be with him cuz he can love on it all the time and my mom just is like the mom of every body so the puppy looks to her as a mom but I want it to look to me as the mom and my nieces and nephews love animals so I will never get it and for some reason animals hate me yet I love them I don't know why but rich now I'm a bout to kill that shit he's schnauzer cuz he runs from me she I try to pet him yet I never hurt him I don't know what to do and my mom I ticking me off cuz I hardly ask for shit and I am different cuz ima girl that hates shoping but she loves to shop and when I do ask for something she acts like I ask for the moon like I asked for the puppy 3 days ago and she is still not making her mind up and I'm getting pissed cuz she wont make up her mind in breed so we aren't even close to getting one and I don't get why it has to be her standards like I under stand some but she is getting annoying and looking at a breed I say no to she says yes and still looks at that breed and it'll like she is buying her a dog or the family one not me and it don't help that my nieces and nephews hit me but if I were to hit them back I would get into a physical fight or an adult would get onto me for hitting them and wont listen to my side or if they do they get on to me for hitting back or tell the person that hit me nit to do it again but they do and the process repeats and nothing gets done about it then when I complain I get told to just stop I really annoyed now and not having any friends at school plus i have tons of family drama sadly I actually turned to self harm over some of the shit I've been thru but I don't any more but its been hard I've actually been thru a school shooting.

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