wet blanket
2015-05-04 02:18:59 (UTC)

Every day seems to start and end with you

I can't get out of this fucking hole. I want to change who I am.
I'm so sick of eating so much. What the fuck is wrong with me.
I don't want to be this fat waste of fucking space no wonder he doesn't love you anymore hahaahah. MAybe if I was someone else. I can't even protect myself anymore hahahah. what the fuck happened to me I love you so much it's fucking ruining me you can't leave you can't fucking leave me. I am ruined.

It was you who grew on me.
You who got under my skin and made yourself at home.
Found out my weakenesses
got me attached to you.
and then the lovely fucking relationship we made somewhere along the way just got fucked over. WE both fucked it up.

Grow on me
Dig under my skin

i'll blur out everything else
as long as you stay

you're driving me insane
but i love you

wow i used to be alright at poetry now i fucking suck. it's okay though I never expect anything great from myself at all.

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