A lady in the crowd
2015-05-03 04:28:08 (UTC)

Disturbed Mind.

Disturbed Mind.

Swallow down medications
I confess thee's life
is disturbed from a chemical imbalance.

Draining societies energy
Only family members are left scarred
Careless strangers unaffected.

He's an exhausted man
Whose lives off a drug addiction
What we're willing to sacrifice in order to

Like diabetes
He must swallow down
The harmful meds.

Partly curing one conflict
killing tranquil sleep,
Rotting teeth, and murdering a healthy liver.

He's a man who
Never rest
Antagonized from listening

From hearing
forsaken voices shrieking,
"Die son of bitch DIE DIE DIE!"

Rest schizophrenic
Nap till time refuses to tick
The clock never strikes midnight.

No longer being a bother to others
Shouting voices replaced by comforting silence
Stop breathing now
'Hush 'Hush.

~Yours Truly,