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2015-05-02 18:56:48 (UTC)


"Icarus" by Plays Well With Others [I already posted this song a couple days ago, but I am very into it, yup. It's so easy to like and sounds kind of the way my memories would sound]

6:57 PM

Something very weird just happened.

I don't know, I was feeling down after remembering Elise's cuteness. I got up and walked up into the kitchen and said to my mom, "I miss my friend." All of that, that's fine. But then, I burst into tears and she hugged me and ??? I was confused.

It's not like I thought I was over it or anything, but I just really did not expect those tears at ALL. I feel like I just got punched in the stomach. And see, now I'm fine again. Kind of. A little confused. I don't really want to think about her again, but that's hard to do, honestly.

Well, at least I know she would've liked today; the weather was nice.

7:16 PM

OLIVIA SAID SHE WAS HAPPY TODAY!!!! That is so nice :) I'm so glad she felt good. She's always feeling crappy about herself and it makes me feel better to know she WAS HAPPY YAY. Let's all congratulate her :) !!!

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