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2015-05-01 22:25:09 (UTC)

Sleepy and Weepy

May 1, 2015 Friday 10:40 PM

I'VE HAD WAY TOO MUCH PIZZA THIS WEEK (four of my approximate 15 meals, 3 of which happened in the same day, it was bad)

Know what's weird?

I opened my account on this computer a few hours ago and Elise's diary was open and... I don't know, I just got really confused. My first thought was, "Oh, she updated???" And I got really excited because I love reading her writing.

I realized in about half a second that I was being dumb and of course there was nothing new. How could there be?

I am sleepy and sick (the throat hurts and the body feels heavy) but I am dreading the whole thing where I wake up at 9 AM because my throat is aching soooo I'll probably stay awake for awhile. Also, I just drank soda even though I KNOW the sugar is just going to make me feel worse. Ahhh, see, that's my problem. I have no self control and no motivation.

I think my dog is trembling. Oh, I hope not. I'm worried about her. My dad got her the wrong food (he gets her the wrong food pretty much every time he buys her a new bag, though. It's just that this time, she really hated it) and she only eats about half of it, on a good day. I feel like she must be starving. We gave her two pieces of pizza but :(

Everything is just reALly shitty around here today. My momma is sick and my dad is not helpful. In fact, he's just been pissy. But then, that's hypocritical of me. I've been unnecessarily sassy with him this week because I've been really stressed out (school and clubs have all decided that they will do nothing major all year until THESE FEW WEEKS that I am currently in the midst of..... in other words, they want me everywhere, doing everything, spending countless hours on very specific subjects wheN I AM VERY BUSY SPENDING COUNTLESS HOURS ON OTHER SPECIFIC SUBJECTS does this make sense because if not sorry).

Okay. Bedtime. Maybe tomorrow, I'll actually do the 100000 things I need to do. Ughhhh.

*dies from stress*

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