Story of a Girl
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2015-05-01 18:23:39 (UTC)

Week / El is here!

My school's AC/heater is known for not working on a daily basis. Last year, the AC/heater was actually great during the fall & spring; it was only in the winter that it didn't work as great because the rooms were cold as fuck instead of being warm, & when the heater worked, every room was a fucking sauna. This year, the AC worked perfectly during the fall, the heater worked perfectly during the winter, but now that it's spring, it's all of out place. Since March, they've both started to fail. Some rooms were basically the same as living in Antarctica, & some rooms felt like living in the Sahara Desert. So, Monday morning, it was kinda cool. Not hot, not cold, just cool. As soon as I stepped into the 1nd building of the school for PP0, I was hit with warmth. I thought that maybe it was because of having trying to get to class on time, so I slowed down my walking. I left PP0 & walked over to my first period. When I stepped into my class, I was basically washed away with heat. I was basically swimming through the heat, trying to get to my table. The first thing I noticed about the room were the fans, & then the heat. My teacher had fans on top of some cabinets, all of them functioning, & it was STILL hot inside. Within the first few minutes of class, I was bathing in sweat. So then after we did our warm-up packet thing, my teacher told us we had 2 minutes to volunteer 4 people for the drunk-goggles-walking-around-the-school thing. Stephen, of course, eagerly volunteered himself... AND me.

Teacher: You have 2 minutes to volunteer any 4 people for the assignment. Go.

Stephen: I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE... & Bianca M. We're partners, mister.

Me: *giving him the "You did not just do that" face*

Teacher: We have two volunteers, two more.

Me: ...I hate you SO much.

Stephen: Love you too, sweetcheeks.

Me: YOU are an ass. You seriously have no idea how much I hate you right now.

Guy: *eavesdropping* I'll volunteer in your spot if it'll make you feel better.


Guy: Mister, I'll volunteer for Bi--

Teacher: Aight, one more volunteer. We already have three.

Guy: What the hell man, I didn't even get to... finish my sentence. I'm so sorry.

Me: You tried, it's fine. *sigh*

Stephen: It'll be fun, trust me. *putting arm around me*

Me: *glare*

Guy: Uh... I'd move my arm if I were you.


Stephen: Holy shit! *moving arm* OH-kay. Okay. I'm sorry... That actually kinda freaked me out.

Me: Thank you.

Stephen: *puts arm again to pull me closer* Just kidding, you're not one bit scary. You're like a giant ball of fluff & niceness. *smelling my hair*

Me: Remind me why I'm even friends with you. You're weird, obnoxious, & downright perverted.

Stephen: Cuz you love me.


Guy: Watching you guys argue is pretty effing entertaining.

Other super excited dude that volunteers for everything, aka Jonathan: I'LL GO.

Teacher: Aight, everyone go outside & line up by the door. Leave all your stuff here; pens, notebooks, backpacks, phones. If I see ANYONE with a phone out, you'll be disqualified.

So we all stood up to get lined up by the wall. The teacher gave us the goggles & showed us the map of the school, & where we were supposed to lead the others. We would be playing follow the leader, except there would be two leaders; one leading the entire group, & one on the back. The leaders would be wearing the drunk goggles--the person up front would ATTEMPT to remember & follow the path, & the one at the every end would be the one to try & catch up with everyone else. So, Stephen was the first one leading the entire group, & I was right behind him; we would be switching places at the halfway mark. So, he led the group & that one kid who volunteers for everything was at the back. He walked way too fast for us to catch up, & we weren't allowed to talk so we couldn't tell him to slow down. He hit himself with the lockers three different times & bumped into the hall monitors 2 times. On the way down the ramp, he was basically belly sliding down like penguins do. Once we reached the bottom of the ramp, we had reached the outside of the building with the lunch tables. So, that was our halfway mark, & we switched. I would be leading the group & Guy would be at the back, trying to figure out what was going on... Leading the group wasn't all that bad. It was basically walking straight the entire time, & there were a few turns, which were the hardest to do because the depth perception was incredibly off, but overall, it wasn't that bad.

In third period, I turned in my title page a while back, which was where I had to print out a drawing & explain its significance. I think I might have wrote about it in a previous entry, but I drew mine instead of printing because I didn't have access to a printer. I drew mine, & the teacher handed it back & even said, "Very nice drawing, Bianca." & even on the paper, she gave me full credit & a "nice" sticker. YAY. I FEEL SO SPECIAL. LIKE. I've always felt that she hated me & just hearing that she liked my drawing makes me feel giddy. Ahh.

Then, there was the thing in 4th period. My teacher handed out our worksheets-- I easily grasped the first part of what we were doing, so I was able to finish the first few questions with ease. It wasn't until the last question of the first part; the teacher had holepunched the number out. I raised my hand & told the teacher about the hole until Guy yelled out, "MISS, THERE'S A PAPER IN MY HOLE." So then I gave the teacher a serious look, "There's a paper in his hole." & Guy kept screaming out, "THERE'S A PAPER IN MY HOLE. N-NO WAIT. HOLE IN MY PAPER. YEAH. THERE'S A HOLE IN MY PAPER." It's a running gag between my friends & I that I can't English... but it seems like Guy can't English, either, haha. Everything was going just fine until Kody pointed out, "That's actually really sexual. Like, what would a paper be doing in your hole? PAPER DOESN'T BELONG THERE. WHAT IF YOU GET A PAPER CUT?" Of course, I had to butt in because it's just who I am. "Oh my god, YOU NEED TO STOP BECAUSE TALKING ABOUT PAPER CUTS ON YOUR REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS IS NOT OKAY."

There's a paper in his hole.

And paper cuts in his hole don't sound very pleasant.

Sooooo, I'm not sure if I wrote about this or not, but if I did, I'm gonna write about it anyway! I've been trying to get into my school's art program since last year, but it's always been occupied by students that don't even want to be in that, yet they stick around because they're too lazy to talk to their counselors. My sorta friend Norma had art last year because she kinda cheated her way through to get into that class. I met a girl this year, who was in Norma's class last year, & I sorta became friends with her, before her schedule got changed. She talked to me a while back & told me that some students from the art program would be painting murals on some of the empty walls on campus. She said if I was interested, I could possibly volunteer & if I did a good job, the teacher might put in a recommendation so that I have a higher chance of being put into her class. UH, FUCK YEAH I'LL VOLUNTEER! I'm excused 5th period, so I go straight to the art room after lunch & start doodling & painting on the walls with everyone else. Monday was my first day painting during lunch, & it was pretty fun. I saw Norma there, but she was a bit more occupied about her shoes & taking selfies, so I just kinda completely ignored her. Stephen was there too, but he was busy watching me while eating the school's teriyaki chicken. And if I'm being honest, I did find Norma eyeing him a few times. It kinda bothered me because he's a natural flirt, so if he flirted with her, it wouldn't have meant anything to him but it would've meant something to her & she would've gotten the wrong idea. That, & he's got a girlfriend, I'm pretty sure of it. If he were to flirt with her instead of his girlfriend... it's just so unpleasant for me to think of that.

Norma's had a secret crush on him since last year, when she saw me walking with him one time. She started questioning me about him & why I was hanging out with him when I was already dating someone else. And, if he came up to us after school, she'd act completely different around him, & then she'd ignore me for the rest of the day. We still haven't spoken since the last time I asked for her help in November, but on Monday, I caught her staring at him several different times. Too bad he didn't actually notice her, ya know?

That was basically it for Monday. (4/17/15, this date will come in handy for my project thing)

Tuesday was okay. The Juniors at my school would be testing for ACTs, so all other grades would be excused for the day since classes wouldn't be meeting. Of course, I used that as am excuse to stay up late Monday night... Tuesday morning was okay. My dad would be taking me to Kesslers, so I got up to make myself something to eat. I ate the last hot pocket that I had left in the box... This is why I tell myself not to buy hot pockets. I ALWAYS go through the hot pocket withdrawl, & I'm still suffering from it. After eating my food, I took a quick showet, got dressed & then my dad arrived. We took my instrument to the shop and... $75. Seventy fucking five dollars to fix my damaged instrument. I'm not lie, but I broke down crying. I was PISSED. Not because of the price, but because Ale wasn't the one coughing up money she didn't have. My dad told me he'd pay, but... Still. Even HE shouldn't be the one paying. After that, we went to a nearby pawn shop, where he bought a cheap $10 speaker which works surprisingly well for its age. We stopped at a RadioShack near my house, & then I got dropped off. When I came home, my mom's husband came home with the news that he finally got a new job at the MGM Grand! So yay, he's making more money. OH. BEFORE I FORGET, we're apparently not moving to North/South Dakota anymore? The whole purpose of moving there was to make more money but he settled here again after coming back from ND, & now that he's got the job at the MGM, he's definitely not planning on moving anymore. The unfortunate part for me is that now that we're not moving, I can either go to a new shitty school that I'm now zoned for, or I can continue to stay at my current school & be miserable... either way, I'm fucking screwed. I wouldn't mind going to my shitty zoned school if it didn't have dress code. That's literally the only reason why I don't want to go there. At my current school, there are people I don't want to see in my life anymore. I also don't feel very comfortable & I want to quit the magnet program I'm in. So... I guess I should probably start thinking about which school I want to go to. I've asked if I could just do online classes instead, but my parents would rather I continue going to public school. I'm going to continue nagging them until they say that I can, I don't know.

Stephen called me & invited me over to his house around 11AM. I honestly didn't have anything better to do, so I agreed to go. He picked me up in his car (which surprised me a bit because I was expecting him to bring his skateboard or something) & we arrived at his house in about fifteen minutes... Holy shit. His house is so NICE. Like. I don't even know how to describe it. As soon as I walked in, all I saw was CLEAN. CLEANLINESS EVERYWHERE. Shiny floors, clean walls, ugh. It was gorgeous. This was my first time seeing his bedroom in his new house & UGH. His room was on the second floor. When I walked up the curved stairs (WHICH LOOKED ABSOLUTELY AMAZING), you'd walk into a large balcony hallway thing. It was kinda like a second living room, except upstairs. It had a large flatscreen & a couch, & there was a small study area. Some bookshelves too, & other stuff. He led the way to his bedroom & again, ugh. His room was surprisingly clean & organized for someone like him. You'd expect to see him living in his own trash, but nope. The first thing you'd see was a large couch shaped like a capital L. On your left, you'd see two steps, which was kinda led to a platform floor, where his bed, drawers, & desk were. By the couch, he had another flatscreen that was hanging on the wall & a shelf with all his video games & stuff. Basically, he had an amazing bedroom & uuuuugh. I was jealous, honestly. Since we had taken off our shoes downstairs, the carpet had felt really nice against my socks. (it just felt really pleasant, I'm not sure how else to explain) While setting up his playstation, he asked if I could grab a disc from his bedside drawer, so I walked over and as soon as I opened the top drawer... condoms. At least 10 of them. Yeah, I wasn't going to keep quiet about that.

Me: How many girls have you invited over?

Steph: *looking up* What? What are you talking about?

Me: *holds up condom*

Steph: *looking like a deer in headlights* N-NO NO THOSE AREN'T FOR YOU. *running over*

Me: That doesn't answer my question.

Stephen: *snatches condoms* THEY'RE NOT FOR YOU I SWEAR I'M NOT PLANNING ANYTHING. *throws them in the garbage* WAIT FUCK NO I DIDN'T MEAN THAT. *takes out of garbage & puts them in drawer*

Me: Why are you so panicked?

Steph: I'm not panicked at all.

Me: Yeah, you kinda are. What were you planning?

Steph: NOOOOTHING. Swear.

Me: Okay so back to my original question, how many girls have you invited over?

Steph: *looking at me*



Me: Wait wait waaaait. Why do you have these? HOW did you get these? You're not legal. Stores wouldn't sell them to you... unless if you had a fake ID.

Steph: Gotta help a homie out when he's trying to hide these.

Me: I... I don't know whether to believe you or not. You're definitely the type to have hundreds of those.

Steph: Swear to god, I'm not planning anything. Just wanna chill, that's all.

Me: I'm just gonna stop tormenting you because now you're all flustered & I feel bad.


We've gotten to a point where I know when he's telling the truth & when he's lying... He was telling the truth. I just thought I'd have a little fun & fluster him, y'know? He hates not being in control, & I had complete control of that situation.

Sooo, after he had set up the playstation, I asked him if I could use his bathroom to freshen up. The bathroom was right next door to his bedroom, so I had an easy time finding it... it didn't occur to me that I had left my phone on his bed when I looked at the clock in his bathroom while washing my hands. From the other room, I heard a "Hello?" SO I DASHED OUT OF THE BATHROOM AS FAST AS POSSIBLE. I walked in on Stephen sitting on the bed, having a conversation on my phone with speaker on. They weren't yelling at each other, but having a genuine nice conversation with each other... it was weird. It wasn't until I heard Elías say, "What?" and then Stephen replied with, "DEEZ NUTS."

And, of course, a threat, "I'm going to rip your tongue right out of your mouth the next time I see you."

I explained the whole thing to El after fighting Stephen for my phone. After that, we played some Destiny & then Mario Kart on his Wii for about an hour. Then, we just kinda went outside to his backyard since his mom was making some kind of chilli & the whole house was full of its smell. All was going great until I kind of pushed him into the pool. In return, he got out, picked me up, & he was about to throw me in when his cellphone started ringing. He put me down & RAN to his phone. I took note of this because he normally just lets it ring when we're hanging out, so this was kinda unusual for him.

"Hello? Heeey... Yeah. Nothing, just hanging out with a friend... Mhm. Yeah... I'll try. No promises... I'm not made out of money, ya know... Sorry. Yeah. Okay... I love you too. Love you more. Okay, call you later. Later babe."

So then I asked him, "Was that the girlfriend?"

"Nah. I don't have a girlfriend."

DID HE NOT JUST CALL HER "BABE"? If that doesn't scream girlfriend, then I don't know what does.

I didn't say that out loud though. Instead I just said something like, "Mhm. Okay. Call her back or she'll get pissed..." so the girl called again because his phone rang & then I finished speaking, "I should probably get going now."

THAT'S when he reacted, "NO. STAY. IT'S OKAY." & he let the phone ring. The whole purpose was to see if he really cared about the girl he was talking to & I guess not, since he reacted all panick-y. His face was priceless, honestly. I kinda did want to go home, so he gave me a ride home. I then came home to a mess in my room & Ellíe getting steamy with her boyfriend... Yuck.

That was my day Tuesday... Nothing too boring, but nothing interesting, either. (4/28/15 again, date for my project thingy.)

And then there was Wednesday. I'd say that it was a good day today!

Nothing really interesting happened until fourth period. We were continuing the lesson from Monday, but now with an extended part in the lesson. The teacher was writing a formula like; Ax2 By2 Cx2 Dy2 = 0 (something like that, I don't remember it exactly as it what written) While writing down the equation, I said, "Didn't know we were writing out the alphabet in Geometry class." a little too loudly because everyone else started laughing, even the teacher... and she NEVER laughs. Or smiles. Making her chuckle for a few seconds is basically a huge accomplishment for me.

At the end of writing the formula, I asked, "So, basically, all those letters equal a circle?" and then Guy had to get smart with me. "Nah, it equals zero, ya dummy."


Guy gave me the most deadliest look I've ever seen, "...Does the formula really equal a circle?"

And I had the perfect comeback for that. "I don't know, do you have a paper in your hole?"


So that was kinda interesting because everyone started talking about a paper in his hole again. And, the lesson was relatively easy.

Lunch was... well, some girls were arguing over whose thong was better. I'm not really sure how else to describe that.

The rest of my day was decent. After school, I was waiting for my friends where I normally wait, but their teacher was holding them up after the bell. The school empties up pretty fast... I saw Stephen making out with some girl. Well, not making out, but there was a lot of ass groping & other stuff. That was probably the first thing I noticed because, like I said, the school cleared out quickly & they were basically the only ones outside & everyone else waiting for their ride home. I didn't mean to look at them, but when I looked up, my eyes just kinda wandered & yeah. So after what seemed like five minutes, all I heard was "Miss you already." and then that's when he decided to approach me "casually."

It literally went like this:

Steph: *resting on the bus thingy* Hey.

Me: Oh hi.

Steph: ...Watcha doin'?

Me: Nnnnnnothing. Waiting for a friend.

Steph: I'll wait with you then.

So then the girl ran up to him again & started talking to him about practice or whatever & then they kissed & she ran off, so I used this as my opportunity to prove that he's a fuckboy.

Me: So, is that the girl who keeps calling you?

Steph: No, that was Kassandra and Elexia doesn't even go... It doesn't matter.

Me: OH, there's TWO girls?

Steph: Doesn't matter.

Me: And you're dating them both.

Steph: I'm not dating anyone. I'm a single pringle.

Me: I JUST saw you two making out. Ass groping everywhere, oh my god.

Steph: It doesn't mean anything... And she's as flat as a pancake. *claps hands together* Like, there's nothing to grab onto.

Me: So you what exactly were you squeezing if there's "nothing" there? I heard so many inappropriate sounds.

Steph: Air... I tried to grab onto SOMETHING.

Me: ...You're a fuckboy.

Steph: But they're all sluts, they're okay with quickies. It doesn't matter.

Me: But... Still. That one girl who keeps calling obviously thinks you guys are a thing. Or else, she would've stopped after your so called "quickie."

Steph: I don't know. She already knows that I'm only interested in one person & that person is off limits. If she thinks we're a thing, that's her own fault.

So we basically just kept talking about that stuff until my friend arrived. We walked her over to her locker, walking through the sprinklers along the way. Since it was hot outside, walking through the sprinklers felt GREAT. When I was walking through the sprinklers, I was singing that song from Singin' in the Rain, because y'know, it only felt appropriate.

Me: I'm singin' in the rain, just singin' in the rain!

Steph: What a glorious feelin', I'm happy again.

Me: *holy shit face* ... I'm laughing at clouds, so dark up above.

Steph: The sun's in my heart & I'm ready for love.

Me: Ho-ly shit. He actually knows the lyrics.

Steph: We did a reenactment of it back freshman year... You uh, weren't here for that.

Once we dropped her off at the bus stop, Steph offered to walk me home, since he already knew I'd end up walking home by myself. And then, this really weird conversation happened.

I don't remember how it was brought up, but I think I commented about signing up for the gym to lose weight. Then, I think I saw someone jogging & said their body was amazing. Stephen was really quiet the entire time until a few blocks before we had arrived at my dad's place. I remember his exact words because they touched me, "It's really upsetting that you're talking about yourself like this because I don't see it that way at all. You're not like chubby or fat, but you're not a size zero either. The difference between you & EVERY girl at this school is that you have hips & they don't. I don't want to bash anyone, but they're all either stick skinny or on the bigger side. You're on the skinny side, but you think you're fat because you have HIPS. Like, "DAAAAAMN" hips. Like, the ones you have to stop at & stare. I don't think you've noticed, but literally every girl here lacks a nice body, & that's exactly what you have. So stop beating yourself up because you look great & everyone else can vouch for me... That's all."

And that was probably the most sincere comment he's ever made. That comment is going to stick with me for a very long time. Thanks, you big ol' muffin. I spent the rest of my afternoon at my mom's house, after my dad dropped us off at her place. For the past week, he's had a friend stay over & my dad doesn't like us staying alone with him, so he drops us off at my mom's & picks us up at night when he's done working.

So on Wednesday, he picked us up at 10:05PM & I was already half asleep. We went to Walmart, since my dad had a prepaid card that someone gave him for his birthday & he was eager to spend the money on it. We were in the men's clothes section & all of a sudden, I hear;

"You're not looking, young man." The voice sounded familiar.

"BRUH. I only got one good eye tonight, foo!" And then a laugh. Now THAT voice sounded way too familiar. A few seconds later, STEPHEN showed up with his three friends.

Steph: BIANCA?

Me: Ooohhh shit... Hi.

Steph: Someone's happy to see me, huh?

Me: *sees that he's holding a box of Blue Moon & some bikini* What ARE you doing here so late?

Steph: Noooooothing. Just doing some late night shopping. *girl walks up behind him*

Me: *looking at girl, then him* Yeah... Take care, I mean it. I'm hoping to see you tomorrow at school. You'll be there?

Steph: Yeah, see ya.

That whole encounter was weird, especially when his friends kept staring at me the entire time. (4-29-15)

(4-30-15) Thursday was weird as well. SOOOOO... Stephen was at school, EARLY. I was hoping he'd be hungover or something but he apparently didn't do anything yesterday other than accompany his friends... Did NOT expect that. Nothing really interesting happened until lunch, when Guy came over to sit with Steph & I. Stephen picked me up from class... while eating an edible. It didn't actually start kicking in until we were eating lunch. I made a bad "deez nuts" joke & he thought it was the funniest joke in the entire universe because he absolutely COULD NOT stop laughing.

Me: Knock knock.

Guy: Who the fuck is knocking on my door at this time of day?

Me: Deez nuts. HAHAHAHAHAH... Hahahaha. Got eem! Heheh... Haha... Ha. I'm the funniest person in this world... Laugh at my joke. Please. Please laugh.

Stephen: *30 seconds later* AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. AHAAAAAA.

Guy: *laughing* His laughter is contagious.

Me: *laughing*


Me: Hahahah...

Guy: ...


Guy: Yeah...


Me: Okay, we get it.


Steph: ...DEEZ NUTS.

So it took a while for him to shut up. Then, I was trying to convince him to do something for me.

Me: If you make it, I'll bake you a giant cookie.

Steph: *scratching chin* What KIND of cookie?

Guy: *making an impression of Popeye on crack* The g-g-good kind!


Me: Look at what you've done, now he won't shut up again!

Stephen ditched 5th period to enjoy the high, & we took a test on the Indiana Jones movie we watched during class. 6th period was the hardest thing ever... we had to relax. RELAX. The teacher even said it himself, "Today, you'll have the hardest assignment of the year."

"What are we doing?"

"You guys... I'm giving you guys the period to relax, which is a rarity in my classroom. Enjoy it while you can."


We all basically chilled at our desks, & that was all of 6th period. 7th period was meh, as usual. We have a playing quiz on Friday, but I don't want to go to 7th period for that exact reason.

After school, a friend missed her bus so she asked if I could pretty please give her a ride home. Didn't matter where she had to sit, she just didn't want to walk home in the heat. My dad has a pick-up truck, so we sat in the back while he & my sister sat inside the truck. We weren't sure if allowing two teenage girls to sit in the back was legal, but we never got caught, so I guess it didn't matter. Riding in the back wasn't too bad, either. I liked having the wind in my face!

My dad dropped me off at my mom's house after... and then she took us to the park for like 20 minutes before deciding it was time to go. I was on the swings when this super cute stranger came over to swing on the only available swing, the one to my right. I spent about a minute or two on the swing before getting off & joining my mom. Then, I thought it was kinda weird but the guy went over to sit on a rock in this really remote area of the park, which happened to be where we were. I dunno, I just thought it was really strange because he just sat on the rock & did nothing. Just... stare are emptiness in front of him. Isn't that just kinda unusual? After a while, we drove back home & at around 10pm, my mom dropped us back at my dad's house.

So, I guess Thursday was actually a lot more boring than I had thought.

Today is Friday! I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THS DAY THE ENTIRE WEEK. Since we have assembly shedule, all our classes are shortened by almost 10 minutes, & that kinda made made my first period teacher really happy since he was really happy to get rid of us.

The rest of my classes were pretty okay. So far, a test in all my classes except for 4th period, since we'll be testing on Monday instead. At lunch, I had some chicken chunks (which are basically chicken nuggets, except they're shaped like balls) & they gave me grapes... GRAPES. WHY are they just now giving us fruit? If they had served grapes at the beginning of the year... Hell, I would've eaten all my lunch! I LOVE GRAPES. Getting grapes for lunch basically put me in a temporarily good mood.

5th period was pretty decent. We finished our movie & quiz, & we're having our freebie movie on Monday. Since we didn't really have much to do, we' going to have our Funday Friday today. We were watching movie trailers for FF, but we were allowed to use our phones if we wanted. 6th period was okay, too. I don't remember what lesson we're starting, but it had something to do with ethos, pathos, & logos (is that what it's called?) in advertising/real world. I analyzed ads/commercials & stuff back in 8th grade, so I'm going to assume that this whole lesson will be super easy for me. We watched a commercial with Messi for Adidas, then we had to analyze it. That was basically it for 6th. 7th period was... Meh. I was avoiding playing until the director just started calling out people in alphabetical order. And, for the first time in fucking days or years or whatever, Matt decided to actually look at me when speaking. He turned around in his seat & then whispered my name. It took me a while to realize that he was actually looking at me because I thought he wanted nothing to do with me. So then I said, "What?" & he whispered back, "My nose just started bleeding." So then I started panicking, "Are you okay? Oh my god you're going to die. Here, do you need tissues? I HAVE TWENTY OF THEM." I didn't say all that, but y'know, I was panicking & I'm not sure why I was panicking in the first place. I kept offering him tissues because I had a runny nose but he just kept telling me "it's okay" & then he just went to the restrooms outside. Thank god that he left, because as soon as he left, the director called my name so that I could take my playing quiz... Needless to say, it was bad. Bad. Like, just bad. I'm really glad that he wasn't there to hear me play because OHHH. He wouldn't let me live that down. So then that was basically my school day.

My dad picked me up surprisingly early from school, & then we did an errand while we waited for my sisters to finish school. Before we picked them up, we stopped at his house to get our things--I packed their things & then we went to pick them up, then he dropped us off at my mom's house. My mom is apparently working now? What a surprise. My dad said that she's apparently divorcing her husband & she's getting a job... But I honestly don't know what to believe. It's not the first time she said she'd divorce him, & she hasn't said a single thing to us. When we arrived, she was clearly pissed & I felt some tension. Her & her husband were talking somewhat, though. So after making food, she went to this "job" & she's apparently leaving us home with the kids tomorrow from 9 to 4PM... Blegh.

I've also been feeling ill because my throat feels really really really hot from inside. As if it were burning. Drinking water doesn't help that much either because it hurta even more when I swallow/gulp. I also have reoccurring headaches, coughing, & a runny nose that has already gotten me through an entire pack of tissues.

OH. AND PROBABLY THE BEST THING OF THIS ENTIRE DAY SO FAR; I finally got to see Elías! FUCKING FINALLY. I know that we last saw each other in person back in January but it's felt like forever since I alst felt his touch. We spent like half an hour just embracing each other & ah. It was great. Taurus actually drove him to my house & I was already waiting outside for them to arrive. As soon as he stepped out of the car, I ran into his arms & hugged the living shit out of him. Tears of joy EVERYWHERE. I missed hearing his voice & the touch of his lips & his hugs... The best part of long distance relationships is being able to touch them, to hold them in your arms. It's an incredible feeling, it really is.

I showed him around the new house & we've been "hanging out" in the garage thingy. And by hanging out, I mean non-stop make out session. And it was amaaaaaazing! (:D) Taurus & his other friends are throwing this huge welcoming back party & Elías said he'd rather spend more time with me, but he didn't want to be rude by not showing up to a party being thrown for him. They're gonna go to First Friday (most likely) & then get drunk or whatever at the party.

He left just a few minutes ago & I'm being really selfish by wanting him back over here. It sucks because I know that he's not exactly here to see me, but to join his father on their hospital meetings & such. His father actually purchased two VIP tickets for the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight tomorrow night, so they'll be having a father-son day tomorrow... At least I'll see him Sunday, maybe? I need to stop being selfish; he's here for something important & I shouldn't be so... clingy. Is that an appropriate word to use?

I forgot to mention but Ellíe & Stephen are having some kind of pool party at his house (it's super appropriate because today was like 97 degrees earlier) & they invited me & El... I wanna tell him about the party but 1)El's leg is still fractured & I'm not entirely sure if he can even swim like that, 2)They're probably going to fight over the thing on prom night because I DID tell Leó about that & 3) I kinda wanna sleep in.

I'm gonna spend the rest of my afternoon watching My Wife & Kids... It's been a good day so far & having El visit has been the highlight of my week.

Oh, & song of the week because this song has been playing at least 5 times a day!

RED - Pieces