The Real Me
2015-04-29 13:50:29 (UTC)

Should i send this to M?

I am contemplating sending this...but then i dont want a reply.

I never thought I would be writing you a letter. But I feel you deserve to know what I thought of you. You obviously hold no importance in my life whatsoever anymore. It did get me thinking however about how I was treated before. Obviously I’m out of that now so it gave me clarity to reflect upon the situation especially since I am happy now but for a long time I did hold a bad opinion of men and it would be a lie to say your poor treatment did not leave a profound affect on me, abuse would leave an effect on anyone mainly because I didn’t take you to court for it and get justice or make you pay for it, that’s probably a lingering regret but hey its never too late.

I think you are a real piece of psychopathic shit. There was absolutely nothing nice I could say about you. I think that you will get the worst thing possible in life I have never disliked something as much as I have disliked you. After your continuous emotional, verbal and physical abuse I do hope that you realize what a disgusting human being you are. Human If you are that is but obviously you are too disgusting and shit beneath my shoe to realize how absolutely vile you are. The thought of you raises bile, because you are repulsive.

I don’t think you deserve any type of happiness in life. I have considered reporting you several times but then that would mean some type of contact with you, which I seriously do not want but who knows maybe one day I will report you. I don’t think you deserve an ounce of happiness or anything positive in your life whatsoever. It was not so much the cheating and lying but mainly your violent abuse towards me, why would you even be that disgusting. You are not a man at all and have no balls. I feel sorry for the parents who had you because you are an embarrassment to them and not deserving, on top of that your “brother” is as shit as you, seems It runs in your blood.

If people knew the real you nobody would like you.

I never felt anger towards the girl you were doing things to in that video because you were raping her. It is disgusting, I do hope you know that is rape and sexual assault, she was completely out of her sense’s, who would be so low to do something like that? And on top of that video her, which your brother kept. You I guess.

Don’t bother replying to this. Its just a gentle reminder to let you know if ever you start thinking you are great just have a quick look in the mirror or towards this letter, really you should just kill yourself no one on this planet needs such a waste of space, shit like you. You are literally just trash that the universe has to put up with. Your better of dead than alive.

I never mention you so don’t worry I wont be doing so anytime soon. I’m embarrassed to say I had any connection with you whatsoever, I don’t think you even deserve the respect of being called “you”.

Anyways I now feel at peace letting you know exactly what I thought of you.