2015-04-28 00:03:38 (UTC)

Feeling pretty shit again today but it's..

Feeling pretty shit again today but it's only early so there may be a bit of hope yet maybe it's caused by my flu hopefully I feel better before I go back to work on Thursday that's another thing that's doing my head in bloody work I coloured my fringe and the ends of my hair purple for the funeral as purple is the colour of the ribbon for pancreatic cancer oh and also crohns disease which my daughter has recently been diagnosed with well anyway I tied my hair all up so it wasn't as noticeable and I got in trouble for it we are apparently only allowed natural hair colour which is understandable and fine by me if the rule is for everyone but apparently it seems like it's just for me 1 of the supervisors has corvette red coloured hair all over and that's allowed!! I scrub shit off toilets and make beds I'm a housekeeper for God's sake how does having a bit of purple in my hair affect how I work I mean if it's about appearances why has one of the restaurant girls got a big bull ring in her nose and that's acceptable?? I don't know if anyone is going to read this and I really don't care as long as it helps me get things out of my mind but I must seem like a negative bitch at the moment but that's just the way things are going 4 now hopefully a happy entry soon :)

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