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2015-04-27 23:01:58 (UTC)


Big thing this month is Sierra visited. It's been some twenty years. She brought Will, her husband, with her. He seems like a great guy. She mentioned they had been brought by her witch shore demon from hades mother, but she may not have used those particular words. I gave them a lift at the end so she didn't have to come and pick them up.

Big thing this month is I paid off the mortgage. It became official by month's end.

Big thing this month is that Heather died. She jumped in front of a train and laid there. Sue was broken up pretty bad. Ronnie said "I'm glad." And to be honest, I personally am just relieved. She was evil incarnate.

Living Friends:
Took Beth out and she met a few people. We had fun. Met with Lisa by accident and we chatted for a bit. It was nice.

Mom and Dad:
Mom is old now. Dad is too. She's sleeping. He's re-modeling the house. Wood paneling.

Got another new crew. Marshal and Paul this time. We'll see how it goes. Having Jesse in the office is supposed to be taking my work load completely away. I'm thinking it just makes my day little easier. Not used to that.