always wth love

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2015-04-27 09:16:59 (UTC)

the sea was the place to call home

my birthday is today its honestly unbearable to hear
i just dont want pull away now.....i was almost lost the battle against the shore where I was over the sea. I know this so sure now I cant be alone anymore...gonna try fall back into be a "church girl"..I gotta STOP ACTING LIKE KID and grow up "so the damn truth cut me in my heart from my abandoned mama" she yell and scream at me I honestly lost my her and now.Shes nothing to me now she just had me and left to defend for myself.
thats the burial truth and id tried deny but its DAMN TRUTH...sadly im here but quite in this place wouldnt call her mama, anymore.
If I see her I might loose myself cause shes my only family that has history my existed but but im trying make it without her. its very sad but I wont think of her, until Im okay said Im totally fine.
THE sea is the best place in the world to lose your existed
I want go back cause it was fresh air and no drama
I was honestly happy
I wish it could last forever
might tell something less bad on sometime