A lady in the crowd
2015-04-26 21:10:09 (UTC)


He's an Arabic man in his mid fifties; coincidentally he's also fifty pounds overweight. He holds a reassuring posture that says," I can definitely away with anything."He regularly parks various vans and cars in front of our street. From when the sun rises to a late afternoon. Always sharing a coherent pattern of leaving at 9:30pm. Most of our neighborhood dislikes him. We all know that he's not from around here. Yet no one has the nerve to tell him anything. They glare at him passively. Cautiously staring as he walks away into the distant. My gut feels that something is awfully wrong. The scent of the drug dealing business is unmistakable.

I'm anxious to stalk this man. To follow him to learn about his whereabouts. To find who he is. Why has he been parking in our street for these pass three months? What is it that feels so rotten about him? I've run down his plate numbers and search him in public records. I've convinced my grandmother ask her friend from the police force to search his profile. I'm intrigued by this spectacle of a suspicious man.

~Yours Truly,