A lady in the crowd
2015-04-25 23:45:57 (UTC)

My Type of Saturday.

It's 5AM and the sun hid away underneath the mountains overlook. I fastened my shoe laces by tying a double knot. I met up with my boyfriend, Sammy Villasenor. We ran through the streets of Victoria Villas. I guided my love near Circle K's gasoline store; we climbed above my favorite rooftop. We laid down at arms length. He hugged me and we kissed. I felt my own touch distant. Raw and cold like a reptile. Somehow I enjoyed this twisted atmosphere. I felt drawn to someone that questions my authority. My dominance, he broke most of my rules, refused to be my submissive, he overthrew my territorial boundaries, and has trespassed
far beyond my limits. He's knowing my dark taste in a fucked up lifestyle. He's fully aware on the type of cynical monster that is Anne Flores. I intensely look into his eyes as I wonder why he hasn't left. Am I happy about this? I mentally debated if I should feel joyous, insulted, or outraged.

He walked me home as I shut my door behind me feeling sexually frustrated and out of breath. I showered in boiling water. I
attended drama club rehearsals, worked out at the gym, completed my daily yoga session, and visited my healer. She melted my worried stress away from my dislocated ribcage. Teresa's massaging techniques are marvelous.

All sorts of thoughts cluttered my mind. I thought about my gay friend who confessed himself to me. He told me about his neglectful religious family. Why won't they accept their intelligent, hard working son; so what if he's queer.
I wandered about Arely Arana seeking my advice. She felt uneasy about her relationship with Manuel Perez. She knows my intimate connection with him. We share history. He's a long time lover and a good friend. I was flabbergasted to discover that he had broken up with her today. I'm still in lost for words on the reason why abruptly broke up with her. She changed for him and he felt unaccepting toward her new edge.

~Yours Truly,