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2015-04-25 18:06:57 (UTC)

Prom night & other shizz

(a small reminder that the actual important--prom--stuff is actually at the very end, for when I look at this for my project mathingy)

Since we moved, my timing to get ready has been extremely off. At my old house, I'd wake up at 5:30AM. I'd be done showering & dressing at around 5:50AM, eyeliner included in all that. I'd then go to the kitchen & eat breakfast for ten minutes, 6:00AM. After, I go to the bathroom to brush my teeth & do some final touch-ups, which takes about 5-10ish minutes, depending on my tiredness. At around 6:13ish, I should have left the house so that I can avoid traffic & get to school on time. But now that I've moved even FURTHER far from the school, I have to either hurry up or wake up earlier. I've decided to keep my same schedule, & just spend less amount of time on things... except, I'm spending even MORE time to get ready & I'm not sure why I've slowed down so much.

Thursday morning, I woke up at 5:58AM, 28 minutes late than my original set time. I kind of automatically woke up & checked my phone to see if the alarm was off; it was on & it didn't ring at all! The volume was all the way up, too. Maybe I HAD heard it & snoozed it? I couldn't remember. Anyway, I was really pissed & tried to hurry so I could still leave the house on time. Since I couldn't shower & didn't have my clothes ready, I just threw on a dress & a sweater because it was probably the easiest thing to put on. Y'know, slip into it & zip it up--easy. This dress was actually a gift from AMBER, & she hardly buys clothes for anyone other than herself, so I actually bothered to keep it, but never wore it. It's actually a really cute lace dress with a white collar, & the crop sweater I had over it made it look even nicer. I normally don't ever wear dresses/skirts/shorts to school because I feel so uncomfortable & insecure, but I was in a rush & didn't want to struggle with having to put pants on, sooooooooo, yeah. I was done changing & I didn't bother putting eyeliner on. I quickly wet & brushed my hair, brushed my teeth, & I was out the door at 6:10AM. My mom had breakfast ready & I just ate that in the car. We unfortunately caught traffic, but I was able to make it to PP0 just in time. Literally, JUST in time. The final bell had rung as I stepped into my PP0.

And throughout the day, most of my friends kept freaking out, "Ermergerd, she's wearing a DRESS. AND WE CAN SEE HER LEGS AND EVERYTHING HOLY SHIT THE APOCALYPSE MUST BE NEAR." and then some friends who didn't really give a shit but still gave me small compliments.

I genuinely felt kind of cute that day.

Although, I COMPLETELY forgot that we would be continuing to do leadership stuff & wearing a dress wasn't the best thing to do when you have a huge dance number in half the songs... lucky for me, my band locker buddy had some leggings in our locker, so I was able to put those on during class, in case we actually had to play a song with a dance number in it. (We did, twice.)

In my previous entry, I was talking about feeling stress free because I didn't have any work... Yeah, well, right after writing out that entry, I realized that I actually had ONE last assignment for class. It was for my World History class & I had about two weeks to do it & it was due Thursday. I TOLD myself all of this week & last week that I'd get it done early, but I completely forgot about it during the party the day before. I started it first period but we were also taking notes, so it was kind of hard to do much... and then I realized I had to PRINT out a picture. I didn't have access to a printer, so I just drew something instead that I had found on Google. I was able to finish it during 2nd period & I turned it in as soon as I walked through the door... And what we learned in Geometry was kinda easy-- system of equations. I had done it before in Algebra 1 but we had to use it again to solve for something. I did one of the example questions, & I got the right answer, but I didn't know that I did it right because I thought I did it wrong, so I erased it & tried a different method... Turns out I did it right the first time. I guess I'm still a little shaky. Oh, & I DID the warm up the previous night, (again, not sure if I did it right) but the bell rang during our project, so I just "forgot" to turn in it.

In English class, we've been reading some short story by Leo Tolstoy, about Stepan Kasatsky who becomes a hermit. Before reading the story, our teacher asked what we thought was the meaning of life, & then we compared our answers to Tolstoy's, who thought the meaning of life was to serve others. So Thursday (23rd) during class, he wanted us to brainstorm & get deep-- we had to reflect on our lives. Things we could've changed, situations where we could've handled things better, people we should have treated better, personal shortcomings, those type of things. I struggled to brainstorm things, until he started talking about relationships & how those could've turned out better, if they were bad... and it made me think about Anthony for a bit.

I'm not entirely sure if I've forgiven him or not. It's been years, but I'm still a little... hurt. All I really want to know is "Why?" Sometimes he'll find me online & try to reconnect with me but I just kinda push him aside. It's not until days later that he'll try again & I'll reply, but I tend to take out my anger--it's not that I mean to, it's just a habit of mine. I mean, most people wouldn't act all cheerful & happy around someone who has physically, mentally, & emotionally abused you, right? It's kinda hard to forgive & forget, especially when they're trying to be nice to you. And if you're me, you'll say they're forgiven but you'll always find a way to use it against them in a future argument... Seeing as how I still push him away, I want to say that I haven't fully forgiven me & I DEFINITELY haven't forgotten, no matter how hard I try. While brainstorming, I thought about the different ways I could've handled things better... Maybe he did what he did because it was MY fault? And if it was my fault, what exactly did I do to make him do all those things?

But in the end, I called it quits & I haven't handled it well. So, if I had to change anything about my relationship with him, it'd be how I handled the aftermath. I feel that he hasn't changed--he's just gotten better at hiding things-- and he's... somewhat nicer now. At least, to other girls. He's still trying to be my friend, & although I'd like to give him a second chance, I somehow remember all the things he did & I just... freak out. I'm not handling it well. I mean, months after the break up, I would lash out on him like some psychotic bitch, but I'm handling it better know & I'd like to go back in time to... well, handle it better then. If I could've handled things better back then, then maybe we'd be better friends today. We actually started writing our essay yesterday on all the reflections we made & I actually did the essay pretty well. At first I didn't know how to start my essay, but then I just started jotting down stuff & bam, I've already got a page full, front & back, & I'm halfway done on the front side of my second page. I'm going to write/reflect on my priorities, "hatred" towards my parents, & relationships, specifically about Anthony.

Also, my mom's kinda mad that Ale damaged my saxophone. I explained to my mom what had happened & she was like, "And now YOU have to pay for her stupid actions?" I talked to Ale about it yesterday, because I told her I would possibly take the instrument to the shop over the weekend, but her mother hasn't gotten paid, apparently. "You're making me feel bad, I've felt bad all this week because of what happened." If you truly felt bad, wouldn't you have OFFERED to fix it instead of having me nag you about it? Because I'm honestly not going to stop until I get the money to fix it, & I WILL go over & beg your parents to give me the money. And, you say you feel bad, but you're not doing much to show it. I won't believe you until you SHOW me your feelings are genuine.


I'm gonna bother my mom about it too, because she already told me she would be able to take me over the weekend, & I'm going to take her word seriously.

Now, for yesterday's news, which is kinda interesting in a way.

I saw Stephen come into class yesterday during 1st period, but he was walking with his JROTC friends & it had occured to me... why did he switch out from that class? He had JROTC first period (because I enjoyed watching him get inspected & do P.T.) but now he has driver's ed with me... but I thought JROTC was only in the morning? I didn't know that class could be switched out, since most students have it first period when the sargent is there.

So, of course, I asked him & he got all pissy & everything. DUDE. I'm just curious.

Me: Why are you even mad, I'm just curious?

Steph: Stop being curious then.

Me: OH MY GOD. Just please tell me why you switched out.

Steph: Why do you even care so much?

Me: I'm just curious. Besides, why do you even care what I was like before meeting you?

Steph: Touché.

Me: So can you tell me?

Steph: I apparently need one more elective credit, so I chose driver's ed because I already know everything, & the elective I wanted was full. And I still have JROTC, but in the afternoon for 5th.

Me: Was that so hard?

Steph: Very.

And then he stopped being all pissy about stuff. At the very end of class, at exactly 8:00AM, Stephen's "girlfriend" (he's beeing meeting up with this one girl. He claims they're not dating but I think otherwise) came into class & my teacher chased her out with a baseball bat. Fucking hilarious. She had a cake, a teddy bear, & some balloons but she was only able to give him the balloons before she got chased out. (And the look on her face when she saw my teacher's bat, AHAHAH.) And throughout the day, he kept receiving all these gifts. Like, he was waiting outside my 4th period classroom & when I walked out, he gave me the same teddy bear that his "girlfriend" had in the morning because he said I could have it. Then, three of his other friends gave him some more balloons & a box of Batman cupcakes. I went to the restroom, as usual, & when I walked out, he was surrounded by 4 different girls & they each had balloons, teddy bears inside gift bags, & one huge cake from Albertsons. So once they left, we got food & walked over to where we usually sit. He pulled out his pocket knife & cut the cake into small pieces so we could both eat... I'm so fucking confused though. I've basically asked him, "We see each other every day, we're basically like best friends now, so what is going on with all the cake & balloons??????" and his basic reply in a nutshell is, "Hahaha." WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?

I know that it's not his birthday because of this thing that I'm not going to bother mentioning here, but yeah, it's not his birthday. And other than his birthday, I'm not sure what it could be? I don't see why he's keeping it secret from me, either. Is it THAT big of a deal that even I can't know about it? Sometimes he just pisses me off because he keeps EVERYTHING from me, even the smallest details, like what he had for breakfast. And then he gets so fucking defensive when I start questioning him over little things. I don't see why he needs to keep everything secret... I mean, sometimes I keep things to myself as well, but if someone asked ME what I had for breakfast, I'd say, "Oh I had an omelette with sausage on the side & some orange juice." instead of saying, "WHY THE HELL DO YOU EVEN WANT TO KNOW BECAUSE THAT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS SERIOUSLY JUST FUCK OFF." Ya know?


We also had our very first hard lockdown all of 3rd period... It was kinda strange. I'm not entirely sure WHAT actually happened because the administration has extreme secrecy, but the announcements came on 6 different times & they kept telling us there was someone in the building with a deadly weapon, or so they suspected. All the classrooms had to be locked, the lights turned off, & students had to find cover, if possible. Thing is, my 3rd period has a row of windows high up by the ceiling, & we don't have blinds for those, so even if we had the lights turned off, there would still be light shining through the windows. We had to hide, but there was literally no place for all 40 of us to hide, so we had to sit all the way in the back by the corners, underneath the desks. I sat next to Guy, though we obviously couldn't make any movement or sound, so that sucked... We spent about half an hour sitting in our classroom until the police came to arrest the man. And for the rest of the class period, we still had to stay hidden until the police finished inspecting the rest of the school. The hard lockdown was the talk of the day--literally. I've heard so many people say that it was a homeless "hobo" man that had came into our school, & he had a loaded gun with him. I have just ONE question, though... HOW did he even get into the school when we have police officers monitoring every corner of the hallways? And our school police apparently couldn't do much so we had to get the actual metro police... It was a strange situation.

Then everyone was completely overreacting... or maybe I was under-reacting? If that's even a thing. People were crying, calling their parents, & I just sat there, playing Flappy Bird & listening to music, completely unfazed by the entire situation. (I still have Flappy Bird on my phone, heh.) This was probably the second hard lockdown that I've experienced, & it honestly wasn't as bad as I hoped it would be. But, it upsets me that there have been actual school shootings & kids have to learn the procedures in order to stay safe. I mean, yes, they should learn about this kind of stuff, but they shouldn't ever have to worry about hard lockdowns & shootings because they're just KIDS. I'm not sure if this is making any sense... it just sounded a lot better in my head & I've never been good with transitioning my thoughts into words.

So that was basically it for my day at school today. Ellíe went out on a date with her boyfriend, so she left me alone in our room... OH. I've been snapchatting Elías & his mom for quite some time because his mom apparently wanted to talk to me for a while to see how things were coming along here & it was the FUNNIEST thing ever.

Elías: Mum. You're holding the phone upside down.

His mom: How you do this?

Elías: M-mom. Turn it around.

HM: Like dis?

Elías: Mom. The camera is pointing at the ground...

HM: Camera is off, you see?

*next video*

HM: Is it working?

Elías: You're sending her a video of your forehead.

HM: How do I record?

Elías: MUM. You're ALREADY recording.




HM: Eu levantei-lo melhor do que isso.

*next snap is a picture of her nostrils*

*next video*

HM: I think it's broken.

Elías: You're sending a video of your nostrils.


Elías: ...Just give me the phone.

*next video*

Elías: My mom wanted to say hello.


Elías: Mum, careful.



& then the phone falls, haha.

It was so funny to me because of his mother. She's basically that asian mother who knows nothing about technology & she's trying to figure out how things work. It kinda surprised me how she's so young & doesn't know how to work a cellphone--but I guess that she hardly ever uses her phone for anything like social media, since she basically lives in her work office. And it's also funny because you know how when parents get super mad, they call their child by their full name, & El wouldn't even let them get to the end of his name. That's like 1/4th of it, a little less than that.

This kinda took me by surprise, but El also uploaded this video I sent him on snapchat. I was laughing in the video & l kept saying I missed him AND HE UPLOADED IT TO INSTAGRAM & AWWW. It just made my night. ☺ The caption he put with the video just made me melt & ughhhhh. I was a puddle of melted cheese, honestly. But, ooooof course, one of his FEMALE friends just had to comment. "But shes talking to that skater dude... but thats none of my business πŸΈπŸΈπŸ˜πŸ’" and then her second comment right underneath read, "this hoe ain't loyal lmao youre a good guy too πŸ˜’πŸ˜πŸ‘" And I was SO ready to fire back with this super fucking clever comment until he commented, "I know she's been hanging out with him but it's ok because i trust her. Her genuine non-interest in him is so fucking clear, it couldn't possibly be any more transparent." and his second comment is absolutely amazing; "Oh, and it's *ho. It's ironic that you say that because you basically fuck anything whether it's living or not... but that's none of my business. πŸΈπŸΈπŸ˜πŸ’" (I'm giving him props for copying her emojis in the right order)

And then Alex commented, "Here's some πŸŒŠπŸ’¦πŸ’§ for that πŸ”₯❕❗❕❗❕❗❕❗❕ LLS THAT BURN THO USHSHWUSKWKMWMZMMWπŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ" That whole thing was pretty amazing, honestly. She's basically the prostitute of our school & she just... MAN. Destroyed.

So it's Sunday now... I woke up super early because my dad was taken Briana & I to the outdoor swapmeet, since she needed more pants that fit under her dress code. I tagged along, just because. Out all the entire two hours we spent there, I was able to get a new phone case & a hello kitty iphone charger that has a little hello kitty head that lights up & changes colour when plugged in. Needless to say, I am MORE than satisfied with my morning. I was also able to buy my prom dress, so that's pretty good! Last year, my dress was a bit shorter than knee length (by 1 or 2 inches) & it was a pink/cream color. The top was pink/cream lace with small flower-ish designs, & then there was a thin gold-ish belt around my waist. Everything below the belt was very silky & soft. It had two or three layers of this kinda transparent fabric, I can't remember what it's called, & it was super puffy. The way I describe it makes it sound really ugly, but I SWEAR the dress isn't ugly! This time, Steph & I had agreed that we'd wear a blue scheme color... so I chose a dress that was similar to the one from last year. (Blue prom dresses, at the store I was looking at, were all pretty ugly so I just kinda worked with what I had) The top is a navy blue with small lace designs at the very top, & it's kinda bedazzled in jewels. There's no belt, but it cuts off right underneath the chest & actually, the jewels kinda work as a belt. Everything below that is a slightly lighter navy blue. It's super fluffy, it's kinda got that transparent fabric to it. It's also longer than last year's dress because this one actually touches the ground. It's strapless & it's just dhiwiwokdmdnxjauwiwoodmzmMqiwpdmzmao beautiful. It's gorgeous.

Also, I'm not sure if anyone else has heard of this, but some dudes from a school in my city have been all over my facebook, snapchat, & instagram feed. This straight guy named Jacob asked his gay friend Anthony to prom & it's basically blowing up all over social media. Literally the first thing that I thought of was, "HEY I KNOW THOSE GUYS." They go to a school that's not too far away from mine, & our schools kind of have a small rivalry when it comes down to band stuff. Jackie is friends with one of Jacob's friends, Tyler, who I'm also kinda friends with over PSN. I have Tyler added on snapchat & he was there, recording parts of the promposal, but I actually didn't get to see his story until today when I read the articles about the promposal online. IT WAS SO FUCKING ADORABLE. I think you could see one of the girls, Morgan, holding up the sign but I'm not really sure if it's her because you can only see the forehead in the picture. But yeah, that's basically blowing up all over social media right now. I'm actually really excited because I get to see them tonight, woo!

Speaking of which... IT'S PROOOOOOOM NIGHT.

Last year, prom didn't start until 8PM, but it's actually starting at 7PM this year. Well, 7 is when the doors to the dance hall usually open, but the building opens as soon as 5:30PM-6:00PM. Stephen called me a while back & said he'd be waiting outside my new house at exactly 7:25PM, so that we could arrive at the dance hall at 8. (It'll preeeeeetty far from my new house, even by taking the highway) It's currently 7:08PM right now as I type this. Elízabeth, Amber, & GUY (I'll get to it) are here at my house... So, a while back, I told Amber that Stephen had asked me. This was--all verbatim--how the conversation went;

Me: you're probs gonna hate me for this but stephen asked me to prom & i said yes 😢

Amber: lol who's that?

Me: you seriously don't remember?

Amber: neeope.

Me: srsly?

Amber: srsly.

Me: remember that one dude with the skateboard when we first met in detention?

Amber: 😨😧
Amber: OH MY GOD NO.
Amber: !!?!?!!?!?!?!!!!!?
Amber: You're joking.
Amber: Besides you've already got a hunk, there's no way you're going to prom with hIM.

Me: i'm so serious rn. i said yes bc i didn't want to say no in front of everyone & elí is actually okay with it sooo -o-

Amber: I can't. I need a moment to take everything in oh my god.

Since she's not going to prom, she actually offered to help me prepare, so that's why she's hear. Ellíe is going with her boyfriend, so y'know, Amber is helping me, & I'm helping Ellíe. (We're currently doing each other's hair, so yeah... we're all lined up, curling/straightening hair) Guy is here because... he's weird. One of his female senior friends got dumped on Thursday by her boyfriend, who was originally going to take her to prom. Guy told her that if she didn't mind, he'd go to prom with her, so yeah... Why he's here, I'm not entirely sure. He "didn't want to be left out." I just want to take this time to say that I MISS having Guy live across from me. It's not the same, coming home, without having him water the plants across the street.

So far, we've done a great job on staying on track. Ellíe & I both took showers in the seperate bathrooms, we both quickly changed into the dresses, & now that we're done with our make-up, we're going to do our hair, which is the last thing on our lists. I went for a simple look--just eyeliner & some lipgloss. That's it. That's literally it. (Some girl posted a picture of her prom look on instagram--it looks like she dipped her face in a bucket of make-up. She captioned it, "Natural look!" UH, NO.) I'm also straightening my hair since my hair is already naturally curly/wavy, but Amber is going to curl the tips to make it look nice. Elízabeth already had natural curly/wavy hair as well, but I'm going to curl her hair a bit more, & then I'll be braiding parts of her hair into a braided crown kind of hairstyle... See, I'm great with hair. Except when it's my own hair, that's when I absolutely lose patience & never try again. But doing someone ELSE'S hair is basically my forte.

Guy's just kinda sitting on the toilet seat, watching us do our own thing. (We're working in the bathroom because the wall is basically all mirror. It's big enough so that we can look at all four of us.) I'm kind of excited, honestly. I normally don't go to dances but something interesting always happens at prom, sooooo. Last year, four different fights broke out & there was a power outage; one of the fights happened then... so, I wonder what this year's interesting even will be?

I'll hopefully keep this updated throughout the night! It should prove to be an interesting night... Mhm.

7:15PM - So he actually DID arrive at exactly 7:15PM, like, he was already knocking at my door at that time... Can I just say that he looks AMAZING in a tux? All guys look hot in their tuxedos, ugh. Ellíe's boyfriend arrived a few minutes later & he looked pretty fucking hot, GUY looked hot, Stephen looked hot... The tuxedo effect is oh so real. Man. I fucking love the tuxedo effect.

While waiting for Ellíe to find something, I called Stephen from the kitchen.

Me: Steeeeeephen.

Him: *walking through hallway* What?

Me: Come try these.

Him: *arriving at counter* Try what?


Guy: *running into the kitchen* HA, GOT EEEEEMM.

*we hive five each other*

Stephen: ...God damn it. *walking away*

8:02PM -

Me: *scrolling down phone* Oh wow... Hey, look at this?

Steph: *can't see* Look at what?





8:35PM - Oh my god. So, we didn't get to the actual dance hall until just a few minutes ago because of a car accident, but almost as soon as we got there, someone requested Hechizeros Band - El Sonidito to be played... I pulled off my "heels" (it's like an inch or two, I don't consider 'em heels) & put on some flats that I had in my bag, just in case. Stephen was basically dragging me to the dance floor where a bunch of people were already forming a block & we all started doing the dance.

Also, I was told that our prom would be combined with two other schools, & so far I'm only seeing CHS here... So I guess the guys from DOHS aren't coming? I was SO looking forward to seeing them, ever since the whole promposal broke out online!

8:47PM - So some students arrived high/drunk as fuck & they're arguing with some of the teachers who volunteered to watch the place... YUP. They're also dancing & it's just... insane. Watching drunk people dance is the funniest shit ever. ESPECIALLY if the song is "Wobble" by V.I.C.

OH. I miiiiight be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I saw Guy making out with his senior friend. He's gon' get the P tonight. I'm not entirely sure if it was him though, since the light are actually a lot darker than last year. It's like pitch black in here, almost. Also, there were a couple of slow songs that did play & Stephen's choice of song was actually one of the few chosen; Lifehouse - You and Me. (The first song that I've ever heard from them & among my absolute favourites!) Actually, he had other songs chosen too, like Rascal Flatts - Bless the Broken Road, Brian McKnight - Back at One, & Edwin McCain - I'll Be. Slow dancing with him is pretty darn comfortable, if I'm being honest. I genuinely had a good time slow dancing with him.

Then there were times where songs I recognized came on (like You and Me) & I'd absolutely freak. Like, someone requested that Cascada - Everytime We Touch (acoustic version?) & I absolutely FLIPPED because that song was basically 2011-2012 for me, among the best years of my life so far. Then someone else requested Christina Perri - A Thousand Years & that was probably the best slow dance with Steph of the entire night.

I'd also appreciate if he could learn how to let go once a dance is over. That'd be greatly appreciated. Yeah. I'm pretty sure we were the only ones still slow dancing five minutes after the dance & two minutes into "Turn Down for What."

9:30PM - We're getting ready to watch Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 because the movies we wanna see are all rated R & we're both minors, sooooo.

11:18PM - So, my prom night is over... I genuinely had a good time. Really. The most fun was definitely the car rides & the slow dancing; I couldn't take him seriously when his asshole friends came over to joke during all other regular songs. But when the slow songs came on--he could focus on me & I could focus on him. It felt kinda nice. Although the actual dance wouldn't end until 11:40PM, we had left earlier to catch a movie at a nearby theater, which was in the same building. We weren't the only ones to go watch a movie in our prom clothes, though, since there were plenty of other couples in the theater, still wearing their tuxes & dresses. The movie was pretty funny, too. I often found myself putting my head on his shoulder though... It felt so strange to me. Right after the movie, we took the highway back home and, surprisingly, the highways were pretty empty so he was able to drop me off quickly. He walked me to the door & then thanked me for *surprisingly* agreeing to go with him. It was then a quick kiss on the cheek, an exchange of goodnights, & that was it. (The least I could do to tell him I had fun, right?) He made it CLEARLY obvious he wanted more than just a kiss on the cheek, but nooooooope, I wasn't going to do it. And then THIS happened;

Steph: But I'm gonna graduate & never see you again.

Me: Oh well, I'll miss you.

Steph: Just one. Pleaseeeee.

Me: Nooooo way, compadre.

Steph: Wait... WAIT... when did you say he was arriving?

Me: The first... why does it even matter? You're not getting anything from me.

Steph: *takes out phone* No. It's okay. He was going to kick my ass anyway.


Me: *pretty fucking pissed* YOU LITTLE FUCKER.

Steph: *smirking* Yep. Good night indeed.

Me: You're fucking dead. You're SO fucking dead when he gets here.

Steph: He was going to kick my ass anyway, what difference would it have made? *still smirking* Besides, I recorded it so that he knows I kissed you & not the other way around. *holds up phone*

Me: ...God, you're so... Urgh.

Steph: Sweet dreams.

Me: God, I hate you. You're still the same asshole I met freshman year. You've just gotten better at hiding it...

Steph: You know this, yet you still hang around me? Doesn't sound like you hate me.

Me: Go home, Stephen. Just wait until you get your ass whooped.

Steph: Goodnight to you, Princess. *twirling keys on finger while walking away*


He's still the same old Steph. For a second, he had me convinced that he was a changed person. But no. He's just gotten better at hiding it, right? I don't know anymore... I WAS going to call Elías & tell him what happened but it's actually 11:46PM here & about 7:46AM there... I'll just wait until tomorrow when he's fully awake.

And now that I'm typing this, I realize that Stephen's not going to be bothering me anymore. This was HIS senior prom night, not mine. This was something special to him, not me. He's going to be moving on with his life while I've still got two years left of high school to complete, & two more years so that I can finally experience my OWN senior prom night.


I might just actually miss him when he's gone...

He's still an asshole, though.

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