2015-04-22 13:01:30 (UTC)

This Was The Other Day

April 22, 2015

I had a nightmare (although the situation itself was more of a memory) that I was in the car with my mom and she was driving too fast. I kept telling her to slow down, but she wouldn't. The music was loud, she wasn't paying attention, and the car slipped.

That part of the dream was in slow motion. The car flipped a few times and was ultimately to land on my side, crushing me. I switched dreams before that happened, but god, it was horrifying. I couldn't do anything, I couldn't escape, I could only realize that I was about to die no matter what.

I think I must have been thinking a lot about Elise and how she died. That scares me.

Also, I got in a car accident once (Ethan was driving, going too fast, Caroline telling him to slow down, him unable to hear her over the loud music) but it was nothing more than scary. We spun a few times and slammed into a telephone pole.

I had been screaming the whole time but didn't notice until after we stopped.

What's weird is that, that's not something I'm used to being afraid of. I remember for a short while after that accident, I liked to hang on to something whenever I was in a car, but overall, it wasn't damaging.

Still, in the dream, when we lost control, it was the same feeling I remember. You're weightless and things are going too fast and you can't do anything at all to change what's happening. All that lovely stuff.


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