A lady in the crowd
2015-04-25 05:45:51 (UTC)

Is it Worth it?

Is it Worth it?

Is this a fantasy?
A teasing false illusion
Is it worth the chase?

Running a draining race
Giving Track my entire undivided attention
I breath and live to strive further
'Pick up the pace. Show 'em you're a beast!

Unleash all of your issues
Allow hatred, anger, resentment
'A vast emptiness to rush within your veins.'

My best therapy soothes
me like no other may
I'll combust on my lane
set a trail of fire beneath my feet

Is this passion worth the sweat and energy?
'Indeed runner it is,
Slowly, step by step shows innovations into becoming a champion.

~Yours Truly,

It's worth losing your breath. Keep running like you robbed a bank.