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2015-04-24 10:15:36 (UTC)

24 of a story

Dear dairy, i cant breathe i cant right now its like i woke up with nothing to be happy for? i was hella late it fuckin mad so mad i couldnt handle it to be real with you?? i fault bad cause I need this class to damn pasted... early this morning gotten many texts wish me early birthday wishes I was took off tired to fuckin focus but itd just gotten worse, than id checked my email and I just want cry soo bad however couldn't so id honestly put on my fake smile to hold whatever else that i couldn't say out aloud....
Bout last night I wont get into that just night was very distasteful to speak of, but I have a load math hw, biology and english....probably gonna stay up very late in order to get what i need do and still hang out with family this weekend; to celebrated my birthday....