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2015-04-23 10:03:11 (UTC)

wild ride of my future

I'd left class i had get my future in set(again)
found another college am happy BUT >.< X(
I'm just fuckin' out of it, I'm mostly disappointed how long its gonna take me now. I thinking now of my birthday is on Monday brooze for 21....
so id talked on old friend about guy that I've been talking about a week now. He told want to say bout I'm on it so I'm gonna do cause; I don't want feel like a fill-in girl,anymore...

Early before the bad news, I was in a good mood very humble and sexual driven but that id fully fucking vanished underneath me. however today is all bad, I guess had ask a favor from a friend Mickey shes gonna do it for me, I'm truly thankful.

The count day until Monday begins on Friday
I was a twilight baby
who knew?? very crazy right?
Right Now
Ugh!!My throat is killing me yes it is, im trying breathing in and out but it hurts so damn much...I dont know if am damn stressed out, id skipped lunch again and i rushed out of the house again dont have any money on me so I'm been out of it.
So Ive been reading a book called Speak, i feel like that girl inside and out...
My favorite author John Green of this unforgettable books of a life time
Looking for Alaska
“You’re not looking, Pudge. When I go into your room, I see a couple of guys who love video games. When I look at my room, I see a girl who loves books.” - Alaska Young
Songs played
Put it up Chris Brown and Rhianna
and Research Big Sean ft Ariana Granda
Gonna go now