Story of a Girl
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2015-04-22 21:18:03 (UTC)

Elías is visiting & dad's birthday!

I want to start this entry off with the BEST news I've gotten all week: Elías is coming to visit! FINALLY. OH MY GOD. His father has to make a business trip here to the US in my city & since Elías could actually benefit from this for his medical studies, he's allowed to tag along with his father, as long as he continues to behave. The business trip is only for 2 weeks & they've already got their flight booked so they won't be here until May 1st, next Friday. I'M SO FUCKING EXCITED, MAN! I thought I wouldn't be able to see him until September & I've actually been super upset because I missed having him here with me, but he's going to be here soon & ahhhh. I'M FREAKING OUT.

He's actually really excited about it, too! He kept calling me when I was in fourth period & I couldn't answer until lunch, before I met up with Steph. I answered my phone & all I could hear was him screaming, "I CAN FINALLY HUG AND KISS AND CUDDLE YOU IN 9 DAYS." Oh my gosh. And then he pointed out that we could actually spend our anniversary together... This is all too fucking perfect. This is amazing. He won't be able to stay with us because of the smaller house, but he's going to stay in one of the super nice hotels down at the strip & it's not that far from my house so I don't really care. I get to finally see him & that's more than enough for me.

Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.

Now for my actual entry. :D

So in class today, we used the drunk goggles again, but this time, EVERYONE had to go (including the ones from yesterday) because all his classes used a specific path to reach the target. So this time, it was more complex. Of course, Stephen was the first to volunteer. The first two seconds were just fine until he ran into the edge of a table... and hit his groin. No, I should restate that. Stephen started with his hands cupping that area & the teacher complimented him for that, "THATTA BOY! He's gotta protect his manhood--what every guy in this room should be doing. That's smart, Decota." (EDIT: I FINALLY GOT HIS NAME CORRECT.) So lucky for Stephen, he didn't get hurt too much. And then hec crashed into the wall. He turned around & made a few more good turns until he hit a chair... & then another edge of a table & THAT'S when he got hurt. Down there. Ouch. He kinda yelled out, "FUCK. FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUCK." & I swear to God, EVERY guy in the room winced. Oh, & Guy too. Basically every guy in the room was wincing & whispering "ouch" while us ladiiiiieeeeees laughed a bit. Although he was hurt, he kept walking... and he made it to the target--a desk. And he ended up tripping over the chair. Like, he tripped & FLIPPED over the chair. It took him exactly 38 seconds to get to the target, penalties included, but the teacher felt so bad for Stephen's injury that he gave him full points on the upcoming test... and because Stephen's a jerk, he gave ME the glasses right after that. I was extremely nervous because I wasn't sure what it'd be like. Once I put them on, it was FUCKING WEIRD. EVERYTHING WAS FLOATING. And there were transparent wavy rainbows all over & everyone was super distorted, tall, & my depth perception was all over the place. It took me 36 seconds to get through the entire thing with only two penalties. Everyone got a chance to go, but the people that won the race had cheated because they all had more than one penalty, like running a stop light, & the teacher didn't count it against them. If they had, I would've been the one to have one with the fastest time AND with the least amount of penalties. The whole project was actually kinda cool, though. I'm not really sure why I was afraid of doing it... though, I wouldn't want to do it again. Speaking of this project, we're going to use the drunk goggles AGAIN on Monday, except this time, we're going to try to navigate through the school & THAT'S going to be hell because of the ramps & stairs that crowd all 3 buildings. I think we're only navigating through one building because the buildings are far apart, but even then, one building is mostly made up of ramps & stairs. So, yeah... It's gonna be an interesting day, & I'm actually kinda excited! Oh, the dean actually loved the idea of using drunk goggles for its educational purpose--though the teacher actually brought it to fuck with us--and she was going to come participate with us, but she never did? I was hoping she'd come in because the deans at my school never show us any love. Maybe that's why we don't have any school spirit, huh? We don't want to be there as much as they do, there's no school spirit at all!

We had a test for my second period yesterday & I absolutely did NOT want to do it if I couldn't use notes, so I slacked off for 90% of it. It wasn't until the last 3 minutes of class that a lightbulb went off in my head. "OOOOOOOOH, I KNOW HOW TO DO THIS." I was jotting numbers down as fast as I could, writing down formulas & other shizz. My teacher had told us that if we didn't finish, we'd write "Incomplete" at the top & he'd let us finish. So today, that's what we did. We did our LAST frayer model (THANK THE LORD, I HATED DOING THEM) & then we used the rest of the class period to finish our tests. I got mine back-- I did everything right for the third problem. I needed to correct a minor mistake in the 4th question & the same for the first & second questions; I had made minor miscalculations so I needed to rerun the numbers to get the correct answer. At first I had forgotten how to do everything, again, but it came to me quickly & I was able to finish my test. I gave the test to my teacher so he could correct it-- there was ONE minor error in the very last question of the test... and my teacher gave me a freebie point. The girl next to me made the EXACT SAME mistake on her test & my teacher wouldn't let her do anything else until she corrected it. The same thing happened two or three weeks ago, too. I wrote KCl instead of 2KCl but he marked it as correct-- he checked my paper FIVE times. The girl next to me wrote KCl as well because she was looking at my notes & the teacher took off points for not having it written correctly.

Favorite students, huh? It kinda pays off to be nice to teachers.

The rest of my day was pretty okay. Apparently, my 3rd period teacher had cum in her ear? Mari spotted some "white liquid stuff" in her ear & when someone else asked what it was, she replied with, "CUM here & see for yourself." She didn't know if it was actually cum or not, but everyone believed her & she hasn't said anything about it. My teacher was also talking about the Nuclear ban treaty thing & she said, "Yeah, I remember back in the 50s when..." As if we didn't already need another reason to make fun of her for being ancient...

Like I said, the rest of my day was okay. We had our leadership tryouts today during band class... So, I was basically the only saxophone playing. It was kinda awkward. That was, until our band director said, "Even if you're trying out, you still have to play. Quickly, grab your instruments." And then four other saxes, including our primary drum major, joined me. It wasn't so bad then. The rest of our section had ditched--this is MY theory--because they knew we had tryouts & they didn't know their music. So THANKS, GUYS. The music wasn't that bad, though! Most were fairly simple. At first, we had song #1 play, & then someone else chose song #2... and then 5 others ALSO chose song #2 by coincidence. Song #2 has DANCING & BENDING/FLEXING involved, which basically killed me by the time someone decided to go back to song #1. We played song #1 twice people the people trying out chose that, & that song also involved dancing, but not as much. Then, the second to last person chose a completely different song... A huge dance number by all the woodwinds. THAT killed me. After that, the last person trying out went back to song #1. And that was that. We had conducting today, & I think tomorrow might be calling out commands, or drills. Oh, & I spoke to Ale about the damage payment thing. She told me she didn't have any money & she'd have to pay--so I suggested she pay half & I pay the other half. That, we agreed on. She'd try to get money from her mother & I'd TRY to take my sax to the shop over the weekend. The ONLY note that isn't working is D, & that's a very important note for basically all of my music. While playing during tryouts, the D I played was fairly noticeable. All the songs had D's & Eb everywhere... Eb is a D#, WHICH I COULDN'T PLAY. I felt so embarrassed. I was sweating buckets from being nervous & the dancing.

My mom stopped at Kmart after picking me up so she could buy some weird thing for my dad's bed, as a birthday gift from us. (It's something that he needs, so it's not just some shitty gift because it actually has a use.) So I asked Briana, "Can you guys get me something to drink? I JUST got out of band rehearsal & I'm dying of thirst." So then she asked, "Okay, give me your money." And I said, "I don't have money on me right now, but I'll pay her back when we get home." So then SHE replied, "But I'm spending my money on something else." And then I reply, "No, I'm asking if SHE can get me something & I'll pay her back." And then Briana closed the door to the car, "Oh my god, no. You just want things for yourself." AHEM. WELL, YES. Yes, I'm very selfish... but WHAT do you not understand about "I'll pay her back later?" JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, LITTLE GIRL. I'm not asking YOU to buy me a $2 drink, I'm asking if YOU can get a drink & have my MOM pay; I'LL PAY HER BACK WHEN WE GET HOME. I'm not robbing anyone of their money because I'm going to give them back the 2 dollars they spent on my drink. Besides, I don't understand how asking for a drink is a selfish act? Because in the end, yes, they're spending their money on me, but I'll be repaying them for doing me a favor? And how is this me wanting everything for myself when I'm only asking for ONE thing? Like, damn. Or am I just not seeing this whole situation correctly?

Then again, Briana is a pretentious little shit.

She uses words & phrases that she's doesn't know the meaning to... Like the one time I went to the mountains with Guy at the beginning of the year;

Me: Can I change the station because they've been playing ads for like half an hour already?


Me: The whole purpose of having the radio on was so that we could have music to listen to, & we've been listening to ads for half an hour. So, how is this wanting things for myself?

Briana: First off, you need to stop being a hypocrite.

Guy: *trying not to laugh*

Me: Do you even KNOW what a hypocrite is?

Briana: Why does that even matter? You're just being indecisive & changing the subject.

Guy: *stops biting lip & laughs* AHAHAHAHAHAHAH I CAN'T.

Me: *laughing* Okaaaay. I'll stop being an indecisive hypocrite.

But Briana & my mom just got back from the store & THEY GOT MY GINGER ALE, YAAAS.

Me: Yaaaaaas!

Briana: I was just gonna get you Sprite, but then I remembered you like that, so... Yeah.

I'm also overhearing my mom talk to one of her sisters on the phone and... Well, she's got a point. I just translated everything into English because I don't really wanna take the time to write it in Spanish. "Ceci, it mades me sad. Why? It makes me sad to see him alone. He's throwing a party & everything, but who was there to help him set things up? No one. He did everything by himself, & he'll clean up everything by himself. His friends will come to celebrate, yes, but he's going to be busy tending to them while they're busy having fun, but it's HIM that should be having fun & celebrating because it's his birthday. Instead of going out to eat or something with his daughters, he decides to throw a party he won't enjoy. But whatever, that's none of my business. I'll give him the sheets & wish him well."

And I agree with that.

I think it was either last year or the year before that, my dad threw a small birthday meal for us & a few of his friends... and none of them showed up. They were either busy, working, or never answered to the invite. For two weeks, we spent eating the food he made & he said he'd never make a meal again. And now he's making another meal, so hopefully it doesn't end up like the other one. My dad's always busy cooking the food for the guests, serving the guests, everything for the guests... and he cleans up after. Sometimes I'll help, if it's extremely messy.

And when I got there, it was basically empty because only ONE guy was there & he ended up leaving early. By the time I had gotten there, it was 5:01PM & I was eating my tacos. By 6PM, a few more people had arrived & at 7, it was a full out Mexican party. I left at around 7:57PM & as I got in the car, the whole street was basically lined up with cars that belonged to those from the party. Yeeeep.

In the car earlier this morning, while my mom was driving me to school, the radio was on & some lady was complaining that Mexicans--or Hispanics in general--have a party to celebrate literally ANYTHING. "School just ended, the baby was born, the baby can breathe. They have parties to celebrate literally anything & it annoys me so much." So basically the radio people were interviewing some lady from Mexico & she didn't like that people had too many parties. The radio hosts then argued that yeah, there's a shit ton of beer & food, but it's all about the culture. So, on the car ride home from the party, I mentioned this to my mother... mainly because I wanted her to think that I actually DO pay attention.

I got home at around 8PM & that's about it for my day. At around 9:57PM, I had finished my warm-up from geometry yesterday. We're back to constructing & our warm up yesterday was to find the incenter of a triangle & then construct an inscribed circle... Thing is, I was absent on Monday when the teacher taught us how to do this shit. Let me just say, I had SO much difficulty constructing in the beginning of the year. One, I didn't understand anything & two, I couldn't use a compass very well. So, I didn't turn in my warm up because it was incomplete & I had no idea what I was supposed to do on the back. My teacher was all like, "Bianca, why didn't you turn it in?"

"Uh, I have it, but it's incomplete." So then she asked me to finish it during class when we already had another assignment to do... So I asked her afterclass, I need help doing this. She explained HALF of what I was supposed to do... and I understood nothing. I told her I had a compass at home so I could just do it for homework & turn it in during class tomorrow. So, I googled how to construct an inscribed circle after learning how to find the incenter... I'm PRETTY FUCKING SURE I did it wrong, but ya know what? I don't care. I'm turning it in. Now that I've got THAT out of the way, I feel like a boulder has been taken off of my shoulder. I feel like a weight has been taken off & it feels great... I feel so free. I don't have any homework, & I'm almost caught up in most of my classes. I still have to memorize music & catch up in Geometry because I honestly have no idea what we're doing, but those aren't my worries right now. For once, I feel like I'm stress free! Good night so far.

It's 10:19PM, so I guess I should call it quits. Goodnighty!

(Oh yeah. I'm spending the night at my mom's house because the party going at my dad's house isn't going to let us sleep, especially with our bedroom window being right by the backyard where the party is taking place. Here I come, more sleepless nights. Also, I found out my dad's birthday is actually tomorrow, but he was celebrating today. Either way, happy birthday to my papá bear!)

EDIT: 10:23PM My mom jut tagged me in a photo of the meat that my dad make the tacos from. Yes, mom, I am the meat that was cooked & consumed by everyone. She also tagged me in a photo of different salsas. Yes mom, I am also in that photo of salsas.. Is this her way of telling me that I ate too many tacos?

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