always wth love

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2015-04-22 10:12:44 (UTC)

part one of lastnite and now

Take the bus everyday this semester I only live 15 miles from my college but its still long ride here everyday, however today itd took way to damn longer than norm. So id walked fast id could to explain my professor what id happen "She said, thank you", im tried of tell her same damn story almost everyday of the week, its on damn repeat!! x(

About Last Night
It got so much more worse but Id tried block it out as much more than ever before. So I thought heavy over about the guy and me I couldnt stop feeling all his weight of his endless dark depression. But throughout that I he told things that werent physical but personal I honestly loved that more than ever could keep my joy at bay during the night. I say things that damn polite so I dont really want know anything unless feels comfortable to tell me. I understand this "lame rules" of a book that id found a book in garage...